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This debate has been an ongoing one for a while now. A lot of doctors support pacifiers while some openly preach it’s negative effects, and these can be quite confusing for new parents. It’s best to take your own call on what you feel is right after having all the facts. 

Pros of Pacifiers

1. Sucking on something is a huge stressbuster for children and if that something is a pacifier, then why not. It gets them to quieten down for some time while you regain your sanity.

2. Pacifiers have been known to reduce chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS) in children. Some doctors advise putting babies to sleep with pacifiers for this reason.

3. It is extremely useful in situations like travelling with a baby, where their crying affects a whole crowd. It also helps distract babies from unpleasant situations like when they’re being vaccinated or given medicine that they cannot digest voluntarily.

4. Sucking helps to improve oral muscle development and functioning.

Cons of Pacifiers

1. Excessive use of pacifiers could reshape the dental structure of your child as their jaws and teeth are still quite malleable. It could lead to protruding front teeth or crossbite in babies.

2. If you use a pacifier every chance you get, your baby is going to get extremely dependent on it. This may put you in a tough spot when you’re trying to slowly get your little one off the pacifier or if in some case, you find yourself without one.

3. Pacifiers increase the chance of ear infections in babies.

4. Some doctors believe that pacifiers could be a potential cause for weight gain in kids. They attribute it to reduced feedings due to excessive pacifier use. 

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