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Over exercising- Are you aware of the dangers?

As you know, your body undergoes various changes during the time of pregnancy. The morning sickness, hormonal imbalance, the mood swings, the expanding belly, swelling feet, and the most of above, the body weight. Yes, you will put on weight and the first thing you want to do after the childbirth is to shed those weight, to regain your lost structure.

Obviously, you will start to work out and exercise. Exercises are always a great start to a healthy life. But what if you have been overdoing your exercises in these days? What will happen if you exercise too much? Generally, a 45-minute workout in the gym is adequate. However, a prolonged session can do more harm than good. Always remember, "Too much of anything, is good for nothing".

Here are a few signs that indicate that you are exercising too much.

1. Increased heart rate:

The normal heartbeat while your resting should be between 60-100 times per minute. But, if you are over exercising the resting heart rate will be more than 100 times per minute. It may even lead to cardiac arrest.

2. Decreased immunity:

Over-exercising weakens your immune system. You will be more prone to diseases and will easily fall sick. Prolonged exercises will lead to chronic diseases and might put your life in danger.

3. Poor performance:

Over-exercising will leave you tired and exhausted, rather than energizing you. You will lack interest in exercise and probably that is a sign of over-exercising. You will feel that your performance has been decreased during your aerobic exercises like swimming, running, and cycling. This means that you have pushed your body to the extreme it can go.

4. Depression:

Too much of workout can cause your body to enter the catabolic state, where your tissues break down. Also, a stress hormone called Cortisol is released which will increase the blood sugar levels. Exercising more than 7.5 hours a week can lead to anxiety, depression and poor mental health.

5. Weight loss:

Prolonged exercise will lead to weight loss, but the amount of body fat will increase. Consult your doctor and have a health check-up if you have unexplained weight loss.

6. Missing Periods:

Over-exercising may interrupt your menstrual cycle. You will skip your periods and this condition is called amenorrhea. It usually happens at the time of pregnancy and menopause. But, if your missing your periods other than these reasons, then it is a result of over-exercising. This is due to a drop in estrogen levels may even lead to osteoporosis.

7. Insomnia:

Too much of exercise will lead to sleep problems. You will become restless and unable to concentrate on things.

These are a few symptoms of over-exercising. If you come across any of the above signs, better consult your doctor. However, this over-exercising can be resolved by,

1. Getting more sleep. Sleeping at least 8 hours a day is necessary for your body to rebuild the muscle tears that will happen during the workout.

2. Follow a schedule and stick to it. This schedule should include the rest up time between two consecutive exercises. This schedule can be planned with the help of a professional trainer.

3. Good diet, enriched with proper nutrients is a must. Add fish, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to your diet.


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