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Organic Crayons for Your Child's Back to School Kit


It is June and time for your child to step into a new grade - starting a new academic year! While you are thinking of what all your kid might need for this academic year, don’t forget to add crayons in their back to school kit. It could be either to enjoy colouring as a part of their curriculum or just to give a colourful shape to their wild imagination.

Although colouring seems simple for us, it is an essential part of the development of your child. It helps in developing fine motor skills, improving concentration, recognizing different colours, developing hands and eye coordination, nourishing creativity and offer a sense of pride as well as achievement. But how far are the crayons your child is using for colouring safe?

How safe are crayons and why does it matter?

Most of the commercial crayons contain paraffin, petroleum-based wax that is non-biodegradable, lead, cadmium, other heavy metals, formaldehyde, PVC, phthalates and also some other questionable ingredients.

Colouring could get messy and the art supplies they are using could go right into their mouth in spite of warning million times against it. These chemicals could also get into their system by being absorbed through the skin or by inhaling it. Dur to their immature and vulnerable immunity system, even the slightest exposure to harmful chemicals could cause a greater impact. So, it becomes a high priority responsibility to protect your child from these hidden chemicals. The best way to do is offering your child all the safer alternatives.

Organic crayons:

Fortunately, there are plenty of non-toxic art supplies available to keep your little picasso safe. Organic crayons are one of them. These are prepared from 100 percent natural ingredients, waxes and butter. The colours of these crayons are derived from plants, roots, seeds, flowers and fruits. These are natural and organic all the way! 

Why choose organic crayons over conventional crayons?


- Ingredients are all natural: The organic crayons have all the natural ingredients such as waxes and butter, unlike the conventional crayons. These are free from any harmful chemicals making it a safer option.

- Non-toxic: Since organic crayons are made up of all natural ingredients and are free from heavy metals, asbestos, paraffin, paraben and any other petroleum-based ingredients - it is perfectly safe even if it makes its way to your little one’s mouth.

- Eco-friendly: All the ingredients of organic crayons are biodegradable, unlike the traditional crayons. This makes the organic crayons eco-friendly.

- Smooth on paper: Unlike conventional crayons - which might need a little extra effort to colour on paper - organic crayons are little hefty and glide smoothly on the paper. They have higher strength as well compared to conventional crayons.

- Colour saturation: Due to bright colours pigments that could be derived from the natural ingredients, organic crayons provide better colour saturation compared to traditional crayons.

- Expense: Organic crayons are costlier than traditional crayons, but they are a really safe bet. They save you from the pain and expense you might encounter if your child suffers from chemical poisoning.

- Shape: There are quite a lot of organic crayons in the market that could come in block shape. If you are super-mom and interested in DIY crayons, you can prepare your own organic crayons in the shapes you like. The block shape of the crayons makes it easier for your child to hold the crayons and draw. The stick-shaped traditional crayons break easily in your child’s hand.

- Versatile: The block-shaped crayons let your child think creatively. They might devise a number of games using the blocks such as stacking or building.

- Motor skill development: The organic crayons are big enough to be handled by kids. This helps your kids to hold them comfortably, scribble and draw even before developing the pincers grip.

Considering all the benefits your child might enjoy and the prosperity the environment might saviour - it is best to use organic crayons over traditional crayons, offering your contribution in making the world more habitable for your child! 

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