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(Video) Now You Can Dance Your Way To Childbirth

You’ve spent the last 9 months prepping up for your baby’s arrival- but what happens when your cross your due date and you only experience a minor contraction? Many women face this issue and due to the lack of awareness, they end up getting worried.

In fact, when my mom was carrying me in her womb, she faced the same issue. I was born 9 days after the due date. She experienced no signs of trauma or had any health condition and yet she had no contractions or any sign of an incoming baby!

As you close in to your due date, mommies become a little tensed about the baby. It gets worse when they cross the due date. You must have heard a hundred different ways to induce labor but have you ever thought of dancing your way into labor?

You heard that right! Doctors are seen switching from medical induction to dancing in order to help mommies induce labor. Sounds super cool, doesn’t it? Don’t believe me...just watch the video here:

Dancing is a great way to exercise as it helps your body flex, stretch and relaxes your mind. You can also go for a brisk walk, or do yoga or any other form of physical exercise. Don’t refrain from indulging in any form of physical exercise because it is really good for you and your baby’s health. 

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