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NEWS: Bengaluru Ola Driver Allegedly Molests Passenger, Clicks Photos

A woman in Bengaluru had a harrowing experience on Friday, June 1, as her cab driver took a detour and allegedly molested her, asking her to strip for pictures that he later circulated on Whatsapp.

The woman, 26, was on her way to the airport in an Ola cab around 2 am to catch a flight to Mumbai, when her cab driver allegedly took another route right before the toll gate, claiming it was faster. She claims that he stopped at a deserted spot, locked her in and molested her. Her phone was snatched and she was threatened of gang rape if she tried to call out for help.

In order to survive, she assured the driver that she would not file complaints, following which he dropped her to the airport. She then emailed a complaint to the police. An FIR has been lodged, and the driver was arrested within three hours, following which Ola immediately blacklisted the driver.

The incident is one that is extremely worrying and horrific, and a call for more stringent screening of personnel by different companies. Safety should be a priority in every sector considering the heinous crimes that women can fall prey to.

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