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NEW STUDY REVEALS: The Most Dangerous Sex Position Ever

It is easy to find information on how to prevent getting pregnant while having sex and what kind of food can improve your libido. There is also a lot of information available on how you can prevent catching an STD or STI. The only thing most of us already know about is using condoms and keeping our private parts clean. But did you know sex can still be dangerous?    

There are people who are just looking to have a great time in bed but instead, end up with a penile fracture. There was a study done on what sex positions had led to the penile fracture. The study involved 90 men who had suffered a penile fracture. The average age was 36 - their age ranged between 18 to 66 years.     

Doggy Style

The most dangerous one listed was the doggy style which caused a penile fracture in 37 (41%) of the cases. Doggy style is also the most common sex position that people opt for. It does sound safe but when a man gets overexcited, he may thrust himself too hard right onto the woman’s pelvis and thus cause a fracture in the corpus cavernosum.


The second most dangerous sex position - believe it or not - is the missionary position, that is, the man-on-top position which can result in severe damage and pain. This was so for 23 of the people who suffered a penile fracture. The severity of is comparable to that caused by doggy style - causing a bilateral fracture to the corpus cavernosum and urethral lesions. Although it can seem like the safest, it can be risky if you are not careful.


Woman-on-top is not the most common sex position. In the study, 9 cases (10%) of penile fractures were caused by woman-on-top. But it is ranked as the third most dangerous positions. If it had been as popular, the statistics may have been different since this position does require some acrobatic twists and bends. Again, this can prove dangerous when the penis slips out and the woman’s pelvis lands right on it with full force.

These were the three main sex positions that were shown to be the cause of 90 cases of penile fracture. Out of these, 69 of them had been caused by sexual trauma as well. Even good old masturbation or penile manipulation can get you in deep trouble if you don’t do it right. If you try too hard or lose control of yourself, you can easily get injured. Don’t worry about it though - as long as you stay in limits, you are safe.

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