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Never Do These Things Before Having Sex!

Have you been planning on spending a special night with your husband? Or maybe it’s your anniversary and you want everything to be perfect. Being intimate with your partner is not just a bodily pleasure but it’s something that joins two souls, so it’s not crazy to want it to be the way you’ve always dreamed of. So here are a few things that you should never ever do before having sex.

1. Eating certain foods

Spicy foods or foods that are high in saturated foods are best avoided just before having sex. They could lead to you taking bathroom breaks that will just spoil the entire mood. Spicy foods are known to cause bloating, gas and farts that just won’t quit. Certain foods can also change your vaginal odor and taste so don’t go for something extremely exotic because you might regret it right after.

2. Waxing

On your quest to making the perfect night, you might feel like waxing down there for that smooth hairless feel but don’t. Apart from the painful torture you have to endure during the actual waxing process, your skin will burn and irritate you for a few more days because the pores are open and exposed. And friction during lovemaking will only make it worse, so don’t even think of a last minute waxing session.

3. Prescription Pills

If you have been prescribed medication for certain health problems then don’t have them right before you are about to spend some physical time with your partner. They tend to have certain side effects that will make your night a little less special. A few medicines like depression pills will increase the serotonin levels but will decrease your interest in getting intimate. Talk to your doctor about what to do when such a situation occurs and you will be provided with alternatives.

4. Drinking

For men, excessive drinking could result in erectile dysfunction. And for women, drinking could make it harder for you to achieve an orgasm. Plus it’ll dull your senses and make you less perceptive of what is going on around you. Nobody wants that. A glass of wine for liquid courage won't do any harm but don’t exceed that.

5. Drinking coffee

Caffeine exerts pressure on the adrenal gland and will suppress the hormones that are released to keep you relaxed. This will make you overexcited and will result in you spending all of your energy before the actual activity commences. You might’ve lost interest by then or you would’ve become too tired by then.

6. Work

Here us out - When we say work, we mean overworking. When you physically exhaust yourself, you’ll have no energy to have sex with your husband. The second your head hits the pillow, you’ll drowse off and the special night you’d planned all day for will just be a sleepy night. 

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