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Negative Effect of Technology on Parenting

Technology has advanced over the years and it has invented numerous and magnificent pieces of tech-creatures. Currently, technology has taken part in every walk of life. We saw people talking on the phones and can communicate with each other from one end of the world to another. We see computer machines in the offices and people are using these machines to get access to the cyber world for business related stuff, to get entertained, to perform online operations such as digital marketing and for research work in the educational institutes. Furthermore, we can say that technology is the mother of all inventions and it has served and still serving to date to the fullest.

However, the one of the best thing we can do for the survival of the humans is the phenomenon of parenting. Now technology can keep an eye on the kids like father and mother and sometimes even better than the parents. There are no doubt plenty of benefits for the parenting point of view technology has introduced, but first, we are going to discuss why technology has suited for parenting.

Technology: mother of inventions or the mother of tensions

In the present world, young kids and teens have become very familiar with the tech-creatures such as internet, smartphones and the social media as well. Young kids’ preteens and teens have become obsessed with the contemporary technological inventions. They have their own cell phone gadgets and connected to the form tech known as internet and then they will be able to make the calls, do text messages and send and receive media files on their phones. However, cell phones also provide the kids and teens to use the social media apps such as Facebook, Tinder, line, Vine, Yahoo, Snapchat and plenty of others social media tools. Young kids and teens also get access to websites that provide entertainment to the young users.

On the other hand, the kids and teens addicted to technology. They always seem busy on their phones and use the smartphone in such a way that can really put them into the real dangers. Young kids and teens addiction with the cell phone gadgets and social media platforms may ruin their lives. Let’s discuss the dangers the technology has introduced for teens and kids.

Obsession in kids and teens: what they got

Cyber bullying:

The use of social media platforms commonly put teens and kids into real danger and they may have to face online bullies. Bullies on the cyber social world behave rudely with teens and use such a bad language that hurts teens from inside and they may get depression and anxiety and don’t want to become social with anyone and any more.


They chase teens on the online media platforms and make them friends and then win their trust to meet them in the real life. At the end of the day, they become successful and finally play with the teen's emotions.

Sexual encounters:

Young kids and teens also use themselves dating apps to have a blind date or sexual encounters with the opposite gender without having the prior information regarding the person and often got themselves into trouble.

Health issue:

The health issue is common in every tech addict and it is also common in the young kids and the teen they don’t sleep well, eat well and don’t become social with the people in real life as well.

Having all these early mentioned tech created tensions, let’s move towards the benefits of parenting the technology has introduced.

Technology Benefits for parenting

Technology and educational institutes:

We all know that the school that is providing such a best education to their students usually provide parents daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports to the parents on their cell phones or with the help of other communication tools. Parents don’t need to visit the schools on regular basis and they got the report of the kids through tech-creatures such as cell phones and with the internet.

Supervision at home in parents absence:

Moms that have to do multiple jobs to feed their young kids and they have to go outside for hours. They can use cameras connected to their cell phones and the internet and they will be able to see their eyes hanging out in the homes with their teen’s siblings. Parents can keep an eye on teens with the technology and supervised them remotely.

Technology in daily life through monitoring software:

Parents that have young kids and teen and they have their own cell phones and spend most of the time on phones. They do text messages; un-necessary calls and may get trapped by the online evils. Parents can keep their eyes on all the activities they perform on the phone sitting in the home or outside the hours. Parents can easily track their activities such as text messages through cell phone spying apps. They can track their location with the GPS location tracker; they can listen to the voices and conversation remotely with the live surround listing of the smartphone tracking software. They can also track all the social media activities with the live screen recording of the IM’s running on the phone.

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