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Nebulization For Babies And Kids: Is It Safe?

nebulization in kids

With advancement in drug delivery system, there are a lot of new techniques that are in use for treatment of babies and infants. One such amazing practice is nebulization for babies. But is nebulisation safe for infants? Even though it might directly deliver the required drug, but can nebulizer be used for infants?

This is a matter of concern for all the mothers, and they all want to know about how to use a nebulizer for babies and kids. It might be easy and provide instant relief, but what if nebulizer side effects show symptoms at a later stage. In order to calm down all of these confusions, here we have everything you need to know about nebulisation for babies and kids.

Table Of Contents

What Is The Purpose Of A Nebulizer Treatment?

How To Use A Nebulizer For Babies And Kids?

When To Use Nebulizer For Babies And Kids?

Nebulizer Benefits That You Must Consider For Your Kid

Nebulizer Side Effects That Must Be Taken Care Of

Are Nebulizers Safe? – A Final Word

What Is The Purpose Of A Nebulizer Treatment? 

nebulization for babies

In simple and short words, a nebulizer is a breathing therapy. It infuses medication into your body through the route of inhalation. It is a portable device in the shape of a small centrifuge which can be carried in pockets too. We use a nebulizer for babies and kids when they are not young and mature enough to use asthma or any other medicines for the treatment of the lungs.

Nebulizer benefits the people who are in a subconscious state, such as after a surgery and requires immediate drug delivery to the respiratory system. One can also use a nebulizer for toddlers while sleeping. Particularly, nebulizer benefits people who are suffering from asthma and are not able to use an inhaler. Nebulization for babies is also recommended if they suffer from a respiratory disease at infancy.

A nebulizer for babies and kids turn liquid form of drug into mist in such a way that one can inhale it easily through the nasal cavity. It has an air compressor at the base, chamber for liquid medicine, and also a mask through which you can inhale the dissolved medicine.

How To Use A Nebulizer For Babies And Kids?

When you are using nebulization for babies, it is recommended to seek the suggestion of your regular doctor. However, to use a nebulizer for babies and kids, there is a simple and basic procedure that we will be telling you here! Hope it helps!

‣ Place your device on a flat area in an undisturbed position.

‣ Make sure you check that all components of the device are properly sterilized.

‣ Wash your hands and place the medicine in the liquid drug chamber. If it needs to be mixed manually, then measure the right amount and mix it properly before filling the chamber.

‣ Connect all the components and put on the mask on respective baby or kid.

‣ Switch on the device and inhale the mist which is slowly progressing.

‣ Make sure it has no gaps for the mist to escape, and hold it tightly.

‣ Take a deep breath and inhale the medicines properly.

‣ Do not disturb or tilt the container until you have inhaled the medicine for the required time.

When To Use Nebulizer For Babies And Kids?

There are many parents who hesitate to consider nebulizer for babies and kids. Actually, why not? You must be aware of the conditions under which you can realize if nebulizer for babies is the right thing to do. Even though nebulizer benefits kids of small age group, it is always important to get a second opinion. Here, we have some of the conditions under which you must use a nebulizer for babies and kids.

‣ Prolonged bronchitis symptoms or frequent recurrence of the same

‣ Long-term wheezing, particularly during night time

‣ Loud coughing, either dry or with mucous

‣ Difficulty in breathing, particularly shortness of breath or rapid breathing

‣ Constant chest pain and heavy chest after coughing

The above symptoms could be an indication to use nebulizers for babies and kids as they are also signs of a serious respiratory disorder. Get immediate help or seek advice from two experts to start nebulization for babies. 

Nebulizer Benefits That You Must Consider For Your Kid

nebulization for kids

Although, nebulizer benefits a large amount of population there are certain facts about nebulization for babies that you must know. In order to do away with all your doubts, here are nebulizer benefits that will provide a sigh of relief to you as well as your family members and you can use the nebulizer for babies and kids without any worries!

‣ Nebulizer for babies and kids are helpful in getting rid of a dry nose. You can simply use saline instead of any medicine in a drug chamber. It will clear the dry nose and help your child breathe properly.

‣ If your baby is suffering from a severe attack of influenza virus and the cold is getting worse at night, then nebulizer benefits in the best of ways. These are perfect for dilation of your nasal passages and helps your child get through it.

‣ Once you get a nebulizer for babies, it is not just limited to their use. Even you can use it for many adult health issues and it will provide relief in a number of those.

‣ Nebulizer benefits the most to young and tender asthma patients. It relieves the bronchial spasms and helps you calm down without having to take any high dose of medicine through an inhaler.

‣ Nebulizers also help in clearing the air passage for people suffering cystic fibrosis. It relieves mucous membranes and prevents the obstruction of airways.

‣ Since, newborns have a high risk of catching pneumonia, use of nebulizer for babies and kids are recommended. It is particularly helpful for people having a compromised immune system due to the presence of a viral infection already, such as HIV.

‣ If your child has undergone any surgery or injury related to lungs, then nebulizer for babies are a perfect solution. You can mix a combination of an anticoagulant drug and help in healing the lung surgery or injury at earliest.

Even major diabetic symptoms can be prevented by taking insulin through the nebulizer. 

Nebulizer Side Effects That Must Be Taken Care Of

nebulization for babies

Just like every coin has two faces, even nebulizer has certain side effects during specific conditions. Apart from knowing nebulizer benefits, you must also be aware of nebulizer side effects. It will help you strike a balance between when to use a nebulizer for babies and to what extent you must use it!

‣ A majority of nebulizer side effects depend upon the drug you are taking and also its concentration. A little increase in concentration may cause an exaggerated response from the immune system and a little decrease in concentration may not produce sufficient effects and also might prolong the disease.

‣ The mist escaping from the space between nose and cheekbones will directly go into your eyes. Irrespective of the drug, it might produce redness, irritation and watery eyes.

‣ The cleanliness of the nebulizer is a major factor in deciding the side effects. It might attract bacterial growth if not sterilized properly after previous use.

Are Nebulizers Safe? – A Final Word 

After keeping all the aforementioned nebulizer benefits and also nebulizer side effects, we can finally conclude whether they are safe or not! The answer is yes! To a major extent and for a number of conditions, it is highly recommended to use nebulizers for babies and kids. But, keep a check on drug concentration, the proper mixture of drug, and most importantly, the sterilization of the equipment. Do not forget to regularly visit your doctor and report him about your kid’s response to a nebulizer and its benefits.

Once you take care of all these things, you can absolutely stay free from worries about nebulizer side effects for babies and kids! We welcome suggestion from parents who are currently using or who have used nebulizers for babies. Please feel free to guide our readers about how to use a nebulizer for babies and kids!

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