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Natural Remedies For Back Pain

It has been reported that millions of women around the world suffer from back pain. It is not just pain due to menstrual cramps or pregnancy. The pain can also arise from working a desk job every day, leading a sedentary lifestyle or standing for long hours. But it is not only women who suffer from back pain - men face back pain problems too.

Here are a few natural methods to treat back pain at home:

1. Get enough time to rest

A person with back pain may find it difficult to fall asleep due to the pain. But not giving the body enough time to rest, recover and rejuvenate before the next day can make your condition worse. So, if the pain causes you to take an hour to fall asleep, then go to bed an hour earlier. Wake up half an hour later too - the extra sleep can work wonders in helping you recover.

2. Use a cold/hot compress

Apply a cold or a hot compress to the area that hurts the most. They can both be used to soothe the pain in different ways. Use a cold compress if you have inflammation. It helps to numb down the pain by slowing down the nerve impulses. A heat compress can be used to heal the pain by stimulating blood flow in the area (unlike cold compress which simply numbs it down). It can also stop the pain impulses from being sent to the brain.

3. Perform gentle stretches

Stretching your hamstrings is proven to help reduce back pain. Tight hamstrings are known to be a common factor in back pain to make it a point to stretch those muscles at least twice a day. A simple stretch down to your tippy toes can also do its magic and reduce back pain when you do it on a regular basis.

4. Exercise your core muscles

Although exercising can seem like the last thing you want to do when you have back pain, it can really help to strengthen your core, thereby preventing your back pain from worsening. When starting out, you could opt for simpler exercises and as your body adjusts to it, you can increase the difficulty or complexity of the exercise. For example, if push-ups seem too difficult at the moment, you could start with semi-push ups which prep your body for the real thing. This means standing 3 feet away from the wall, with your hands on the wall and then leaning in and away from the wall. You could also perform planks and challenge yourself to see how long you can stay in a plank - you should be able to hold the plank for a full minute.

5. Wear comfortable clothes

When you wear clothes that are too tight, it will restrict the blood circulation and thereby can affect the joints and muscles. To avoid this, wear clothes that are loose and airy. This also applies to innerwear - if bras are too tight, it can dig into your back and inevitably cause back pain. Other negative effects are that it can cause indigestion and heartburn from pressing on your abdominal muscles and stomach.

6. Lose a few pounds

Now this may not be the easiest thing to do, but if you haven’t been serious about losing weight, this is one reason to start trying. Those extra pounds could be putting a lot of pressure on your lower back, torso, legs and middle back. This can not only cause lower back pain but also leg pain and joint pains. Shedding those extra pounds can thus help decrease the pain. You could start by making little changes such as not reaching for that packet of chips or biscuits when you are bored - try to replace those refined sugars with yummy fruits, vegetables and water. Having a glass of lemon water and/or a bowl of oats can also help.

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