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Myths You Must Stop Believing Right Away About Air Pollution

The year 2018 has just begun and there is an increase in the number of news pieces about air pollution. Almost 1 in every 5 news bulletins are talking about the drastic increase in the levels of air pollution in our country.

You must be wondering why Delhi is constantly being talked about in terms of air quality and pollution. You should know one thing - Delhi isn’t the only city which is facing the wrath of air pollution. Since it is the capital city and known for all wrong reasons, it is more convenient to highlight it.

With so much information doing rounds on the internet, you must have come across a lot of information regarding air pollution. What if we tell you that most of the things you read on the internet aren’t true! It’s high time to get your facts right so, here we are going to bust a few myths that you need to stop believing about air pollution right away:

1. Carbon Dioxide is the main culprit of air pollution.

This is a total lie and we can challenge you to think of all the possible reasons why Carbon dioxide is not the culprit. Carbon dioxide is a part of our everyday lives in simple things such as in the air we exhale and in the carbonated soda we consume.

Think about it like this- we exhale air into a person’s mouth while performing a CPR, the person is able to breathe again and they don’t die because of that!

The main culprits of air pollution are gases like sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide.

2. The indoor air is safer than the outdoor air.

That’s exactly where you’re wrong. According to an EPA study, the air indoors is upto 10 times more polluted than the air outdoors. You would wonder what is indoor air pollution, right? Well, there are factors that pollute the air in your home, like the minute volatile particles emitted from the common household items like cooking fumes, burning candles, agarbattis, spraying room freshener, paint and cigarette smoke.

To give your family the healthy air they deserve, we recommend having an air purifier at home. Dr. Aeroguard is German GUI Lab certified, advanced air purifier which not only removes harmful particles, gases, infection carrying microbes, and dust from the air, but also releases Vitamin C and Silver ions making the air rejuvenating and healthy to breathe.

It is noteworthy, that Dr Aeroguard air purifiers also have a therapeutic filter which releases vitamin C in the air around you, helping you feel relaxed and energised. It does so much more than just cleaning the air, isn’t it? Get a free home demo and see for yourself.

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3. Turning off the vehicle and restarting it again releases more pollutants than idling while dropping off your child at school or waiting at the traffic signal.

It is always recommended to keep your vehicle turned off when you need to park. Moreover, you should never keep your vehicle running while waiting for your child after school because it doesn’t only aid to air pollution but it also puts the lives of little kids at risk. The rate of breathing is faster in children as their lungs are smaller. So, they tend to breathe in more toxins which leads to a downfall of their health.

4. The stronger the air pollution gets, the more resistance we build against toxins and pollutants.

Since the toxins present in the air are chemical compounds, it is not possible to build an immunity towards them as they’re chemicals by nature.

The air we breathe in contains a major air pollutant- PM 2.5 which is a particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less. These small and fine particles can travel into the respiratory tract and lodge themselves in the lungs. They can be found in the exhaust of vehicles and gases that are emitted from burning of wood, oil, coal or other natural sources.

5. Planting more trees will reduce the air pollution.

Having lots of pots and indoor plants may cause a marginal change in the freshness of the air in your home but the PM2.5 particles, viruses, microbes, pollen, etc which are present in your home can't be eliminated by having plants alone. The stomata present on the surface of the leaves and trees get blocked as these dust particles settle on them. Therefore, they are unable to produce fresh oxygen thereby failing their purpose. Hence an air purifier is recommended, given the increase in the air pollution levels and the poor air quality around you.

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