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Myths And Facts About Taking Painkillers During Pregnancy

What are you supposed to do when you have a banging backache or a headache during pregnancy? Your entire body feels like getting torn into pieces from pain and your family members restrict you from taking the painkillers. Many women have to unknowingly suffer rather than treating their pain because of the bubble of the myth that we have created around us. If you’re scared to pop out a pill during pregnancy because of the side effects it can have on your baby then here is the fact sheet that can change your life.

Paracetamol- Wonderdrug

There aren’t many medicines you can take during pregnancy but paracetamol is the only painkiller which has been considered safe to be used during your pregnancy. A recent study by the NHS has revealed that if you take it in a small dose for the shortest possible time you will have absolutely no side effects. It feels like no more pain now when you’re pregnant, you’re right! However, if you feel even a slightest reaction or discomfort after taking this medicine you must consult your Doctor.

Aspirin- A complete no

If you’re feeling like clutching a body pillow or sticking your feet out of your seventh-story window of your apartment because of the intolerable pain during pregnancy you might land up taking everything placed next to your table. But what if you’ve grabbed your hand on aspirin to reduce your pain? You can have hilarious reaction from this medicine during pregnancy and it can even trigger your pain rather than reducing it. It can even upset your stomach and reduce the amount of amniotic fluid in your body. So next time you find yourself hooked onto aspirin take the reality check once again.

Ibuprofen- Safe During Initial Months

If you’re onto the starting phase of your pregnancy then ibuprofen can work wonders to reduce any sort of pain or cramps. It is absolutely safe to pop it up during the initial days when your fetus is still in the process of formation. However, as you advance into the later phase of pregnancy especially during the mid months you should avoid taking it as it can cause increased blood pressure in your baby’s lungs. This fact might sound weird but it’s absolutely true. Sadly, painkillers are weird like that!

Natural pain relief methods

Apart from these strong medications that you might find yourself addicted to reduce your pain you can also try out the natural methods which have absolutely no side effect. One of the best natural medication is arnica that can instantly reduce your pain and works like magic on your cramps. You can also apply an ice pack or heat patches to reduce any inflammation or soreness in your body. Try using the stronger drugs only when you find it hard to tolerate and bear the pain. These natural methods can be a great saviour to help you come out of your struggling phase to feel okay.




It’s insane the lengths you’ll go to convince yourself that your pain will go away in a magic. Even when you’re pregnant you don’t need to suffer, you can definitely pop out the safer painkillers and if not the natural remedies will never let you break down.

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