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The babywearing is a method of carrying the baby in baby carrier or slings. By carrying the baby close to the mother's heart the tiny feet are able to bond closer with Mommy. For a preemie, the slings can help baby get a sense of protection and maternal love. This helps him to stay healthy and fit. The advocates for modern parenting technique of attachment parenting vouch for the practice of keeping baby comfy by staying closer to the mother/caregiver and so do the supporters of ‘kangaroo baby practice’.

The concept of the babywearing is not new to India with many mothers from hilly areas utilising the benefit of babywearing cloth sling since ages. 

So babywearing brings along numerous myths and we will bust all the worries away:

Myth 1: Baby feels unhappy in the carrier

Well like food, your baby needs time to get comfortable with the sling/carrier. An uncomfortable sling can cause the baby to feel uncomfortable and make carrying the baby a Herculean task. Also, avoid buying a sling which transfers the weight on your back. During summer months, the sling becomes hot and sweaty. Therefore both you and baby should wear as thin as possible clothes in summer months. This way you can make the babywearing a comfortable journey even if you are a petite diva. Remember to try before you buy.


Myth 2: Babywearing makes baby clingy and socially awkward

Well, the opposite of this exists in form of studies which reflect the importance of nurturing the baby through physical contact. A baby carrier will make you both move as a team and he would learn to play with your friends and respond to even strangers all in the comfort of his Mama's security fold.

Myth 3: The baby sling: Strictly for babies

Newsflash: Even toddlers can avail the ride of baby carrier (*conditions apply).

The quality of the baby carrier decides the comfortable weight limit it can tolerate. Further, your own stamina makes up for the slight deviations. So if you have an uncomfortable day out with your toddler (who carries his heart and mind on his sleeve), you can give a joyride in the sling. Prefer back-sling for the older ones.

Myth 4: Thin homemade baby wraps are for teenie beanies

If you wish to go all natural then opt for home designed wraps. Thin or thick matters in summer months only. If you have a good quality sling in thin material as well then you can use it even if the baby is now a sprint wannabe toddler.


Myth 5: Suffocation alert: Avoid choking by baby sling

Well yeah! This is almost true. While wearing a sling ensure that the baby has his chin away from your chest and his face free of any fabric. Ensure the sling remains tight yet comfortable. Many parents worry about the development of hip dysplasia and genital pressure due to the babywearing yet be assured that the manufacturer ensures that the baby and his growth are never affected. Also, you may dump all the myths about him becoming a bow-legged child due to being in the carrier for too long.  

The benefits of babywearing:

-Easy care and safety

-Hands-free baby carrying


-Develops baby socially active. 

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