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Common Myths About Sex During Pregnancy That Are Ridiculous

There is a lot of talk around this topic and pregnant women are usually not sure of what to believe and what not to. For starters, there is nothing wrong with sex during pregnancy, but it should be avoided during the first trimester and four weeks prior to the delivery.

Hence, it is important that you don’t fall prey to common myths about pregnancy sex like the following.

1. Deep penetration may harm the baby

This is the most common myth of all. Most people think that having sex during pregnancy will harm the baby and have an effect in his/her development. But, the fact is that sex during pregnancy can in no way affect the baby’s development, whether physical or neural. The reason being that the amniotic sac protects the foetus and the mouth of the cervix is sealed with a mucus plug. Hence, deep penetration will in no way harm the baby.

2. Contractions from an orgasm can cause a miscarriage

Cramps after sex are completely normal for a pregnant woman and are not harmful as long as you don’t have a high-risk pregnancy. There are two different types of contractions and the ones felt during and after an orgasm will not cause a miscarriage and shouldn’t be confused with labor contractions.

3. It can induce labor

This is true to some extent. In case of a high-risk pregnancy or for women who have a history of premature labour, sex can at times lead to premature labour. It is wise to take some precautions in such cases. Using condoms during sex is a safe way to avoid premature labour. Prostaglandins, a hormone in semen, can stimulate uterine contractions.

4. It will be painful

Sex during pregnancy need not be painful if one can find suitable positions to enjoy a session of lovemaking. It is important to understand that sex during pregnancy might need more time, and couples need to go slow. Being anxious or trying to reach climax in a hurry will definitely be stressful and cause discomfort. Pressure on the stomach and breasts should be avoided.

5. Oral sex is harmful

This myth is also true to some extent. If air enters forcefully and directly into the vagina, an air bubble could form in the bloodstream, causing severe problems.

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