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"Now that your older one is 8+ plan for a second child. He will feel lonely once he grown up " prescribed by my elders (Beta do to hone hi chaiye 😒)

Ufff! The same drill all over again.The school fees are skyrocketing.A working class or a family with single earning member cannot even imagine planning a second child. I was confused should I have one too or not. Finally, I took the decision after 8years.

Being a parent is a happy but hard job. As a nuclear family has set today's trend once again, most of us think having a single child is OK. I too took time deciding whether I should go for a second child or not. But believe me after having my second baby life has again set the benchmark. Having nearly 8 years gap between two kids, I feel I am more responsible for reliving moments with them.

But before planning, you must have to know these things.

When To Plan For A Second Pregnancy?

The ideal gap between the two siblings should be 2 to 3 years.(I know mine was too long gap ) But planning a second pregnancy depends a lot on you as a family. 

1. Train your first child: 

Start training you're first born for his/her daily chores like eating meals, using the washroom, putting toys/stuff after playing.Train him/her as much as you can. Even if he/she won't do it perfectly well but, do help them understand their day-to-day responsibilities. This will give you a lot of relief, as you won't have to run after him/her for every small thing, after your second pregnancy.

2. Giving much love to your first born:

Children get jealous and feel lonely when all of a sudden a new member arrives (especially child). Express your love and keep telling your child that he/she is special. Show your emotions in small matters and try to convince him/her about your feelings.

3. No Hiding/Telling the Truth: 

Tell your child that he/she is going to be an elder sibling. Convince your child that it will be fun when his/her little brother/sister arrives. Tell him/her the responsibilities of the elder one.

4. Take enough rest and eat well: 

It has been observed that mother expecting second child become slightly overconfident and thus neglect taking extra care during pregnancy. Take proper rest and eat well. Visit your Doctor regularly for check-ups and medicines.

5. Be prepared as a family: 

As a family, it will be your duty to give equal priorities to both your children. In many families, it is often seen that the second child is pampered a lot and receives all the attention. It will be your responsibility to treat both the kids in an equal manner. 

Happy Motherhood 😊

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