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superhero baby

Dear World,

My battle is not with my child's disability but with what the world thinks is 'normal'. You treat him different because he isn't 'normal'. No he cannot run like the other children or speak what's on his mind but to label him as 'strange' and 'scary' is unfair. You think you know him when you sneer at him or make comments. You don't know my baby. He is a superhero.

Unless you have heard him speak with the twinkle in his eyes, or know the kindness in his heart, the way he is when he paints on sheets of plain paper, you don't him. He loves the flute and collects old books;How neat he keeps his room will baffle you. You don’t know my baby. He is a superhero.

Don't sympathize with me, my child is my whole world just like your child is your own. My boy fills color in my world and every morning that I wake up it is to look at him, his beautiful face. He is good with puzzles and likes to hum, he is just like any other child but takes some time to say 'hello'. You don't know my baby, he is a superhero.

Most of all, dear world, whether you accept him or not you cannot hold him back. He's a free bird, soaring in the skies and your chains will not keep him down. He sees the beauty in things you look past, he nurtures the flowers the rest of us look to pluck out. The 'special' in him is nothing wrong and nothing 'abnormal', the 'special' in him makes him perfect with all his imperfections. A hero in a world that needs saving. You don't know my baby. He is a superhero.

My child is my end and my beginning, dear world. I am not ashamed of him, I am not afraid. The path ahead for my little one is not the easiest one but he has me and more than anything, he has the ‘special’ in him. My baby will shine, my baby will make this world a better place. My baby will be the hope, the joy, the beauty, this world is lacking. Don’t count him out, just yet. You don’t know my baby, he is a superhero.

Yours lovingly,

The proud mother of a very 'special' little boy

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