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What Are The Benefits Of Using Rai-Filled Pillows For Babies?

We know that a baby's skull is very soft, but it does not stay the same forever! Till the time your baby's bones do not fuse together, or till the age of about 2 years, it is wise to use a mustard seed pillow to help shape up the baby's head. Let us see what benefits mustard seed pillows have to offer, and that might give us some insight on why they are used for babies since times immemorial.

1. Provides support

We all love some support or cushioning beneath our heads, don't we? The same way mustard seed pillows provide the much-needed support and cushioning to the baby. Being tender, they are ideal for the baby. 

2. Helps round-up head

As the baby transverses from the birth canal, his skull may look misshaped or cone-shaped after birth. Mustard seed pillows have an added advantage of helping round-up the shape by fixing uneven surfaces and bumps. 

3. Relieves pressure from head

Have you seen mustard seeds? These tiny seeds when stuffed in a pillow actually adjust themselves according to how the baby moves. So if the baby moves left, the seeds adjust themselves providing support. This helps relieve pressure off the baby's head. 

4. Diminishes chances of a flat head

Most of us worry ourselves sick thinking what if my baby develops a flat head. Relax, Mustard seed pillows come in very handy in reducing the chances of a flat head for babies by providing just the right support to even out the head shape. 

5. Keeps the baby warm

People who live in colder regions believe that mustard seeds have warming properties too. So a mustard seed pillow helps to keep a baby warm and ward-off cold and flu. 

When Can I Start Using A Mustard Seed Pillow For My Baby?

As discussed above, the baby's head has the maximum chances of misshaping in the first 4 to 5 months or till the time she does not start to sit up on her own or learns to hold her head up. Hence, it is best to start using rai ka takiya from the time you get your precious one home from the hospital. Basically, the sooner you start, the better, because as your baby grows, her bones will fuse and the shape will get permanent.

How Can I Make A Mustard Seed Pillow At Home?

It is easy, enjoyable and does not even take much time! Here is how to make one for your little bundle of joy:

1. Buy around ½ a kg or 500 grams of mustard seeds. These are available in almost all grocery shops and even online. 

2. Wash the seeds thoroughly and put them out in the sun to dry for a day or two. There should be no moisture in the seeds so that there are no chances of contamination. 

3. Now comes the fabric. Choose a soft fabric in the color of your choice, preferably muslin or soft cotton. You will need about 1 meter of fabric. Wash it thoroughly before using it. 

4. Now stitch the cloth in a pillow shape from three sides. You can use a machine to stitch. The average size of the pillow should be around 10X15 inches in size. 

5. Now fill in the mustard seeds from the open fourth side. Keep checking how much stuffing has been made by pressing the pillow. It should be soft, so do not keep stuffing the seeds and make it hard.

6. Stitch the pillow from the fourth side too, closing the same.

7. Now double or triple stitch the pillow from all sides. This is very important as mustard seeds do present a choking hazard if they escape the cloth encasing. 

8. Now also make a few covers for the pillow, so that they can be changed from time to time. Washing the mustard seeds pillow is not an option

Voila! Your very own mustard seed pillow is ready for your baby!

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