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Mushroom during pregnancy: Is it safe?

Mushrooms are delicious and we like to put them in our soups, salads, pizzas and every other dish that we prepare. Mushrooms are spore-bearing bodies of a fungus that are grown on soil or a particular food source. They have a lot of health benefits since they are loaded with nutrients, essential vitamins, minerals, protein and trace metals.

Many mothers are confused whether they should eat mushrooms during their pregnancy since there are a lot of people who advise them against doing so. While the concerns may not be completely wrong, they may be certainly misled to a certain degree.

The growth and health of the unborn baby completely depends on what food the mother intakes. This is the reason why doctors prescribe healthy eating and keeping away from habits such as drinking as well as smoking. So the question of whether mushrooms are safe, remains.

It is not so much about the nutritional values and contents of the mushrooms as about their origin and method of growth. Yes, mushrooms are safe and there is no reason to exclude them from your diet during the course of your pregnancy. This being said, however, mothers should also remember that certain types of mushrooms can be harmful during pregnancy and hence must be steered clear of.

The only types of mushrooms that pregnant women should avoid are - raw mushrooms, magic mushrooms and toxic mushrooms. Other than these three, most mushrooms are healthy, nutritional and some even have medicinal values.

Mushrooms during pregnancy: Is it safe?

Magic mushrooms contain certain chemicals that can alter your brain activity and affect the growing fetus. It is advisable to keep away from these mushrooms even when breastfeeding. While picking out wild mushrooms, be careful and make sure that you do not pick up any poisonous ones - not even mildly toxic. Raw mushrooms, on the other hand, are carcinogenic and cooking them will remove all the toxins. In fact, cooking and cleaning of all food ingredients is a must - more so during pregnancy.

Other than that, mushrooms are extremely healthy and safe to consume during as well as after pregnancy. They contain protein and fiber which is required for the overall growth of the fetus, helping you to keep constipation at bay. The antioxidants in mushrooms help to keep free radicals away, thereby boosting your immune system.

Mushrooms contain Iron which will help your body to increase haemoglobin levels, thereby increasing oxygen-carrying capacity and Vitamin D as well as B - all which promote stronger bones, healthy skin, nerves and digestion respectively.

Medicinal mushrooms - such as Shiitake and Maitake - contain beta glucan which improves digestion and boosts the immune system. They also keep cancer, tumor and other fungal diseases away. Mushrooms are packed with power, contain essential nutrients and vitamins that are great for your unborn baby. They are tasty and can be used in a lot of dishes. You can learn several dishes on the internet as well.

If you have doubts or queries regarding a certain species of mushrooms or any other food item for that matter, consult your doctor first and not the internet. The internet is filled with too much information, can be confusing and even misleading.

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