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Multigrain Vs Whole Grain: Which One You Should Prefer?


Moms are on a constant journey to find a better and a healthier alternative for their families. Something as simple as choosing rice or atta when you’re on the prowl in the grocery store can become complicated. So let us uncomplicate things for you and tell you about the healthy options for you to divulge in.

You might’ve seen that most staples like atta, bread and so on now come in a variety called the multigrain. So how does it really differ from whole grain and does it come with special benefits that you’ve been missing out on?

Whole grain foods are ones that are made up of one type of grain and in case of atta, this grain is wheat. In general, a freshly picked grain has 3 layers - Bran, the outer layer which acts like a shield to protect the insides of the grain, endosperm being the middle layer and germ being the innermost one. All three of these layers contain several nutrients, fibre and vitamins in them and only when all of them are present, it is labelled as ‘whole grain’ atta.

A multigrain product as the name suggests is something that is made using different types of grains.This includes wheat, soya, chana, oats, maize, psyllium husk, flax, millet and so on.. But it is also important to make sure that each and every grain in the multigrain atta is a whole grain to maximize the benefits you get out of it.

To know how rotis made out of multigrain atta are beneficial to you, it’s necessary to look into the advantages by analyzing the ingredients present in it which will help you take the first step towards a healthier self.

What are the benefits of using multigrain over Whole grain?

1. Relieves constipation

Multigrain atta which consists of soya and psyllium husk in it is very high in fibre which means it’s a boon for people who are suffering from constipation and other digestion problems.

2. Reduced risk of diabetes

All the grains present in multigrain atta are known to reduce the chances of type -2 diabetes by lowering the cholesterol levels. It is also extremely beneficial during pregnancy and breastfeeding because of various nutrients and minerals present in like like calcium, magnesium, copper, vitamin B, E and much more.

3. Lowers Blood pressure

Multigrain atta is a great source of carbohydrates, protein and fibre. The antioxidants present in it (especially oats) help reduce blood pressure by increasing the nitric oxide levels. Including multigrain atta in your everyday diet also helps you in reducing weight because it increases your metabolism and is also very filling.

4. Stronger bones

The high calcium and iron content present in the multigrain atta is helpful in maintaining and building bone strength. Strong teeth, bones and hair are just a few of the many amazing benefits you can expect from using multigrain atta.

Some people assume that they might not get the goodness of whole wheat in multigrain atta but that’s not the case - you just get added benefits. The nutrients present in it reduce the risk of heart diseases, obesity and chronic inflammation.

So a multigrain atta consisting of all of these ingredients is packed with nutrition. We’ve done our research and selected the best atta for your family to prepare delicious rotis with. Aashirvaad Atta With Multigrains is infused with all of the whole grains like wheat, soya, channa, oats, maize and psyllium husk which makes it a perfect fit for any household to stay active, energetic and healthy throughout the day. On top of that, it tastes just as good if not more delicious than the plain atta unlike many other multigrain products available in the market which tend to leave a weird aftertaste.

So, what are you waiting for mommies? Grab that atta and smile because you made the right choice!

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