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Being a mother, I have not only changed nappies, rubbed runny noses, fed and nursed my children and spent countless sleepless nights, but I have also tried to mould them into good human beings and citizens of the nation.

Motherhood is the toughest job with the best pay ever. All nine to five jobs are paid in money, but I am paid with smiles and compliments from my children which is the most fulfilling reward for me.

A memory close to my heart is the day when I went for my Son's school admission. The principal would only entertain highly educated parents to ensure competitive and astounding results for her school. I was mocked for being a homemaker in spite of doing journalism. I still remember the exact words that I said to the Principal.

“A mother who sat in cubicles would never be able to bring up her children better than a full-time mother. Nannies and the idiot box would ruin the cherished moments of life. I want to value their every smile, register their every milestone and every spur of activity in their life and want them to grow under my care. I want to sacrifice my career, my life, my activities, my passion and all my desires for raising my kids."

The next moment, I saw the Principal in tears. "The pain of being a real mother is evident from your words", is all she could say!

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