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Mom, you are busy and beautiful. You certainly know the value of time and being efficient too. While managing your family, you make sure everything is spotless. But when it comes to taking care of yourself, you push it to the bottom of priority list. Of course, we know being mama is more important than choosing your lip colour but you deserve to look beautiful. So, here are a few fun beauty hacks that could make your life easier and you prettier.

Prep a night before

When you are a mom, you keep running around every morning to successfully complete the mission of getting your kids ready for the day, packing the backpacks for your kids and lunch boxes for your kids and husband. To save yourself from the morning hubbubs, try 10-minutes preparation trick. Prepare for ten minutes a night before when your brain is still in the form. Pack your work belongings, choose your outfit, pull out your beauty and styling tools and get set for the next day.

Night time bath time

Night time when your kids are in bed is the mommy’s tranquil time. Treat yourself to a reposing bath. Light a candle, put on the music, have a bath in super hot water and heavenly smelling bath gel and shampoo. The benefit of this is you can enjoy your bath time and retire to bed feeling clean. Also, you can wake up refreshed with dry hair and ready to start your day like a warrior.

Overnight braids

To wake up with a wavy hair, try putting your hair in a French braid in the night before going to bed. This saves time in that crucial window in the morning while you are running around to cope up with the everyday errands and gives you a super stylish hairstyle without heat styling.

Wash your bangs

Just in case if you don’t have enough time for full hair wash or no time for a shower at all, flaunt the illusion of freshness by washing just the bangs. If you don’t have the bangs, wash just the front chunk of hair and brush it into a ponytail.

Hand lotion frizz control

If you ever get an opportunity to take time for yourself and style your hair patiently, there are still lots of factors such as wind and humidity, that could undo your efforts in minutes. To tame the unsolicited frizz on the go, try applying a very small amount of hand lotion to your hair. This could give you a frizz-free look.

A liner for your eye

When you are a mom, especially if you are a new mom, it is quite common to encounter the lack of sleep issue every now and then. Using an eyeliner could hide the traces of lack of sleep which are otherwise prominently visible and also, it could give you a polished look.

Master the messy bun

A bad hair day? It is pretty normal you would prefer ponytail. Why not go one step further and try messy bun? Twist your ponytail into a loose bun and secure with a cute clip or a few bobby pins and pull a few wisps out for an effortless style.

Double-duty products

Buy the products which do two or three tasks at a time. For example, try using moisturisers with sunscreen or mix up your foundation cream and facial lotion in a ratio for the perfect tint and better blend for even application.

Makeup on the move

Always have a set of your makeup kit or at least a lip gloss, a perfume and a nail polish remover in your bag. A lip gloss could be used as a blush in a pinch. Perfume gives you a luxurious feeling and also doubles as a deodoriser. The nail polish remover wipes could save you from walking into a conference room or a meeting hall with a chipped nail polish. This kind of beauty solutions could get you a little more Lady Beckham glamour even on the craziest kid chaos day ever.

Fabulous lipstick or a tinted lip gloss

On those mornings when you have zero time but want to have your mama glam, consider lipstick or a tinted lip gloss. Just forego makeup entirely - skip mascara, blush, eyeliner and everything. Instead, apply a fancy, bright-coloured, long lasting lipstick or a quick swipe a tinted lip gloss on your lips. This is the easiest trick to give you a fresh and pretty look.

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