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MomStory: My Child Hated Brushing Until I Tried This

This blog was originally written by Rituka Bisht, also known as SuperMumma RNB! To read the original blog, click here!

As a mom blogger, I get a lot of questions about parenting. Some of these questions are about taking care of kids’ teeth. Unfortunately, there is never a single correct way to get your kids to cooperate when it comes to dental care.

As a mother, I experienced this problem a LOT. My little one hated when it was time to brush. Her fuss meant that I was never able to finish brushing her teeth. I would have just started and 10 seconds in, she’d cry or run around or grab the brush and toss it aside. It was extremely frustrating and it got tougher and more tiring each day.

I knew that the only way I could get this done from here onwards was to distract her. I tried so many things to make it fun. I used to sing a song and make her say “aah” while brushing inside and “eee” while brushing outside. I tried to distract her with videos on my phone. These were effective, but as time passed, my child started getting used to these things. I had to try new things each day. On some days, when my child was too fussy, my husband and I had to team up to hold her steady while brushing her teeth.

We knew then that we needed something more long-term or a permanent solution to make brushing fun for our little one and stress-free for us. So that’s what I’m writing about today. Here’s what changed:

I was shopping one day when I came across Colgate Kids Toothpaste. The pack had 3 variants - Motu Patlu, Barbie and Spiderman - all of which my child really loves. So I decided to get some small packs of these. I thought if I can get her to brush with one cartoon character for a few days, good for me!

A toothpaste pack with cartoon characters on it can get your child imagining that they can become like their cartoons by using the toothpaste. My daughter said she wanted to brush with the Motu Patlu pack first - seeing that shiny blue toothpaste excited her even more. She allowed me to brush her teeth for her without a fuss that day because she was so preoccupied playing with the pack. She also loved the taste, because it was fruity-flavoured instead of a minty spicy taste.

That night and the next morning, she came and reminded me about how it was time to brush! This time, she chose Barbie. The toothpaste was pink and strawberry flavoured. My little one was thrilled.

The best part about giving her these cartoon themed and fruity kinds of toothpaste is that I know her teeth will be protected now, because not only am I able to brush her teeth properly, she herself is starting to ask if she can brush her teeth by herself. I allow her to do it for a few seconds in the middle by holding her hand while she brushes. After all, kids like to try things for themselves.

Colgate Kids Toothpaste is made with the expertise of pediatric dentists. It contains the right amount of fluoride, which is added to toothpaste so that it can strengthen their teeth. This is especially important for those delicate milk teeth. Our kids’ teeth are thinner and so, more prone to tooth erosion and decay. That’s why it’s so important to find a solution to their fuss by making brushing a fun and exciting activity for the kids.

I’m glad I was able to find a way to make my little one enjoy brushing! It has made my day so much easier. So, do yourself a favour - take the pledge to make brushing fun for your little one - because it’s not just about their teeth, it’s also about making mornings easier and calmer for your little one and yourself.

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