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Maintaining a healthy life is a big concern for everybody nowadays, especially for pregnant women. Pregnancy is one of the most precious periods of a woman's life. During pregnancy, you have to take care of both yourself and your baby at the same time. Unpredictable conditions – such as hormonal fluctuations – of pregnancy can make it difficult to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine. Hence, pregnancy must be treated as a sensitive phase of life.We all get cravings for unhealthy food all the time but for moms, it is really important to check what exactly they are eating.So eating a balanced diet is very important. The following are the reasons why you should maintain a proper diet:

-Gives Assurance that you will deliver a healthy baby

-It reduces the risk of complications.

-This minimizes the chances of birth defects...

-It helps in losing weight after pregnancy.

-It improves the chances of a healthier lifestyle post-pregnancy.

Here are certain things that you can do to stay fit both during and post pregnancy

1.Watch what you are eating

Healthy eating during pregnancy is critical to your baby's growth and development. As you are eating for two now you need as much as 300 additional calories per day.Your protein intake has also increased to somewhere around 70 calories per day. Other minerals such as calcium, iron etc cannot be overlooked from now on.In order to get the nutrients you need, you must eat from a variety of food groups, including fruits and vegetables, bread and grains, protein sources and dairy are a list of certain food groups with certain suggestions also

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain many important minerals that are required by pregnant ladies especially Vitamin C and Folic Acid. Pregnant women need at least 70 mg of Vitamin C daily, which is contained in fruits such as oranges, grapefruits and honeydew, and vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes, and Brussel sprouts.

Whole grains

The main source of energy in our body is carbohydrates. This comes from the bread or the grains that we eat over the day.depending on the weight pregnant ladies needs to get at least 50% of their overall calorie intake as carbs.


During this period the body is growing and it needs those maintenance proteins.Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and beans contain the protein, B vitamins and iron needed in pregnancy. The developing baby needs plenty of protein, especially in the second and third trimesters. Iron helps to carry oxygen to your growing baby, and also carries oxygen to your muscles to help avoid symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, irritability, and depression. Proteins.

Dairy products

The pregnant body needs as much as 1000 mg of calcium daily.Calcium is essential for building strong teeth and bones, normal blood clotting, and muscle and nerve function. Since your developing baby requires a considerable amount of calcium, your body will take calcium from your bones,.Good sources of calcium include milk, cheese, yoghurt, cream soups, and puddings. Some calcium is also found in green vegetables, seafood, beans and dried peas.

Prenatal vitamins

Apart from what you are eating daily you bodies requirements are not fulfilled to fill up those gaps it is advised to take certain parental vitamins.Prenatal vitamins should be taken up to three months before conception, if possible.

2.Your daily routine


During pregnancy, we have take care of our both physical health as well as mental health.

Yoga can reduce any fear or anxiety that comes with pregnancy and make women feel relaxed and stress-free. Other common pregnancy problems that yoga can effectively address include swollen feet due to water retention, lower back pain, fatigue, leg cramps, and breathing difficulties among others. Here are six yoga tips that can help you remain healthy during your pregnancy:

Stick to your routine

if you are pregnant and want to remain healthy throughout the entire period, you should set aside adequate time for your meals, exercise, and sleep. Come up with a daily schedule for yourself during the nine months. Your plan should be an easier one to stick to. Assign adequate time every day for yoga and meditation. You can start your morning by going for a walk, followed by moderate exercises or a refreshing workout like swimming.

Practising yoga

You have to focus on exercises that don't put excess pressure on your abdomen area, you can start off with simple asanas and pranayamas.Focus on your posture when standing, sitting or walking. When standing, ensure that your weight is properly distributed on both of your feet while avoiding leaning on one side. Performing yoga poses on a regular schedule will you help maintain your balance and improve your posture.

Always have a smiling face

You are already happy because you are just some months away from getting the worlds most precious gift to mankind.With yoga poses and moves (plus meditation if you like), you will feel more relaxed and happy. You can add happiness to your life during pregnancy by reaching out to your close friends, listening to soothing music or watching some funny movies.

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