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Mommy Struggles: How to Parent When You Fall Sick

Mommy struggles to parent kids when sick

Parenting in itself is a big struggle. Not to mention, that it is that much more difficult when you become parents for the first time. Even after you have mastered the art of being a good parent, there are several things you keep learning that you didn’t know you needed to learn. Parents lose their minds when their kids fall sick, doing anything and everything in their power to attend to them. 

But what about the times when parents themselves fall sick? You want to make sure that you live up fully to the role of a parent, but also do not want to go near your children since you fear than they might fall sick too. It is a never ending dilemma, especially for mothers.

Children in their early ages are closer to their mothers than their fathers. Naturally, it is more difficult for mothers to parent when they are down with sickness. Here are a few tips to help you deal with that:

1. Do the bare minimum.

The only way you can get back to being a super mommy is by recovering quickly. Tasks around the house cannot be avoided, especially if you do not have too many members in the house to help you out. So while it is necessary to do some chores, stick to the bare minimum. Use paper plates to avoid doing dishes, leave the laundry for someone else, phone calls and work can wait too. Instead, focus on drawing up healthy meals for you and your family. The more you rest and eat healthy, the faster you will recover.

2. Ask for help.

Don’t do everything by yourself. If you have lesser members in your family then ask a close friend, nearby relative or your neighbour to help you with household chores for a couple of days. They will definitely not deny. You can either hire house help for a couple of days or figure out other ways to get some help so that you get maximum time to rest and recover.

Ask for help when sick

3. Lesson for the kids.

Do not feel guilty even for one second that you are not able to give your full time to your kids or aren’t able to perform your regular duties as the lady of the house. In fact, take this as a blessing because your kids will learn to value you all the more as they realize how much you do for them. It is only during this time when your kids will have to do a few things on their own that they will realize your importance and worth.

4. Do not spread your germs.

This point basically emphasizes the previous points and tells you not to strain yourself. Rest and take your medications on time. The faster you recover, the better it is. If you have a flu or cold, then use a napkin and don’t go around sneezing throughout the house. This is only going to make the others sick as well. If you feel that you are not feeling any better after a certain amount of treatment, then revisit your doctor.

Lessons kids learn from your determinism

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