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Mommy Makeovers You Have To Try Out

Moms, the busiest bees of the house, most of the times equate themselves to be frumpy. Though a few of the moms would like to fight against it, many of them just succumb. They wear the same uninspired outfit over and over and lose the flair of style and glamour. But guess what? You deserve more! So, here are a few makeover tips to get you what you deserve and turn you from “Mommy” to “Hot mom” in no time.

Start Fresh: 

Being a mom means feeling tired most of the times. Of course, mommies, we can’t blame you, considering the work you do. So, to brighten up that tired skin of yours here is a pro tip - Exfoliate your skin. Make your own exfoliator in seconds by combining honey and sugar. Form a thick paste and gently rub the mixture on your face/skin in a circular motion. Wash the exfoliator off with a warm washcloth and Voila! Welcome to smooth and fresh feeling skin.

Pick a signature look:

A signature look is a flagship look of your own personality and who doesn’t wish to have one? Ditch those mommy dresses and oversized Tees. Pick your signature look - maybe leggings with cute tunics, funky hats paired with casual cotton dresses and cowboy boots. You need not give up your pre-baby dressing style or your signature look just because you are a mom. You can look super cute while dressing practically as well. Just re-work your wardrobe so you look cute and casual while being the best you.

Jersey dress - frumpy to fantastic:

A mother who is having a kid around always looks out for the comfortable attire than the stylish ones. But from now on, let the comfort and style go hand-in-hand. Tie a little knot at the bottom of your jersey dress and change the levels of your hemline. Along with allowing you to choose between a greater variety of footwear options, it also helps you to move around easily and run after your restless kids.

Pro Tip: Use a small elastic hair-band in knotting the bottom of your comfy jersey.

5-minute Hairdos:

It is universally known that let alone having an hour to get ready, mom will have a shortage of time even to comb your hair. And in such circumstance, this hairstyle come to your rescue.

Fancy Half-Up:

All you need is two bobby pins. Style your hair by taking very top layers of hair and fold the left side over the right side and vice versa. Pin them horizontally.

Ensure the bobby pins are of good quality. Otherwise, they keep folding on you when you are about to push them in or won’t hold on to the hair you need them to and your style will fall out.


When you want to look classy, it is the little things that add the flair. Maybe wearing a jewellery, a hat, a fashion scarf, a cute purse, a matching footwear, or if you are up with teething baby, accessorize with teething jewellery with chewbeads - such accessories contribute in making you look stylish. Along with that, they make you feel more put together and confident. Also, sexy bras and underwears can help you to feel beautiful and womanly.

A touch of makeup: 

We know it is easy to skip the makeup routine, but a little touch of makeup could give you a fresh, natural look while also boosting your confidence. Choose one facial feature to accentuate. Beautify your eyes with a bit of liner and mascara, work your sexy cheekbones with bronzer and a little lip gloss on your pretty lips can really perk up your face.

Manicures and Pedicures:

Even the mightiest lion needs pampering sometimes and so are you. Pamper yourself by giving at home manicure and pedicure. To exfoliate your hand, feet and smoothen your cuticles, use white sugar and a few drops of lemon juice. Wash with club soda and your hand and feet will feel refresh.

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