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Mom Story: The Secret Behind My Fuss-Free Mornings

When my little one was around 2 years old, my mornings used to be really stressful. No, it wasn’t just because of the usual morning hustle - preparing breakfast or getting everyone up and ready. It was because my little one would refuse to brush his teeth. Getting him to brush took up all my energy. He would make a fuss and turn his head away from the brush every time. I am sure you too may have experienced something similar with your child.

Then something changed. After 2 months of being frustrated, I decided to try something different. Instead of trying to forcefully brush my child’s teeth, I played his favourite songs and made him dance to them. He loves music and dancing, and so I knew he would enjoy brushing to a song. Move the brush from left to right, up and down, and then round and round. This way, he would allow me to brush his teeth without much of a fuss.

But my child gets bored very easily. So I decided to switch things up. My son likes jumping around. So, after brushing his teeth, I let him jump to add some fun to the routine. To give him a sense of freedom rather than force, I told him to choose every day from the different cartoon packs of Colgate Kids Toothpaste - “Barbie or Motu Patlu?,” I would ask him.

Another thing I tried was a “card” system - every time he brushed his teeth, he would get one card. Once he collected 5 cards, I took him out to the park.

Soon, I realised that he didn’t like the flavour of toothpaste, because he was using my toothpaste and he found the taste very strong. So, I decided to look for a kids toothpaste. That’s when I came across Colgate Kids. I found out that children actually have very delicate teeth, which are more prone to tooth decay and damage. So, they require a toothpaste that is specially formulated for children.

Colgate Kids contains the right amount of fluoride and fruity flavours like Strawberry or Bubble Fruit, that all kids enjoy. My little one liked it - it was a refreshing change from my minty harsh toothpaste. The biggest bonus was that apart from the cartoon characters like Motu Patlu and Barbie on its packaging, the pack has a cute 2-minute sand timer in it! He was so happy that his favourite character was on the tube, and that he had an entire toothpaste tube to himself! He also looks forward to picking up his timer and watching it for timing, while I brush his teeth, and this is a complete change from how he used to hate brushing before!

This has not only made my mornings stress-free, but it has also made him happier in the mornings. It is like a fresh, happy start to the day. He follows a similar routine at night, except that he doesn’t jump as he is always so tired at the end of the day. He still looks forward to night time brushing because it means he gets to collect more cards.

So, this is my secret to fuss-free mornings - making brushing fun! Does your child follow all the brushing rules? Share your tips in the comments below!

Hi Mommies! This blog was written by Mom-Blogger Vidhya. To read the post on her website, Click Here!

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