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Mom story: I thought My House Was Clean Till I Realized…

When I welcomed my little angel into this world, I was determined to give her the best of everything. Starting from the dresses, pillows, food, toys - everything that's needed, I made sure that she gets the best. The one thing I was more concerned about, was her health. My baby had a weak immune system and used to fall ill often. To avoid further health issues, I needed to keep her surroundings clean and germ-free to keep the infections at bay. I always wash her clothes using disinfectants, sterilize her bottles before using it, vacuum her rooms and the furniture every day, mop the floor using cleansers, change and wash her bed covers every day.

When I was finally enjoying my motherhood, thinking that I have provided the best things for my daughter, an article which I came across in a newspaper startled me. "The level of indoor air pollution is 10 times higher than the air present outside".

When I first read this, I was actually shocked. Air pollution? Inside the house? No way! On a normal day, I would have easily skipped the topic. But, with my cute little angel, I could not let go of this issue.

I panicked, even more, when I read the daily news. The pollution levels have spiked in the recent days and cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, UP, and Mumbai have been badly affected. I even refused to take my baby out, due to the pollution. When I was thinking that my baby was safe inside the house, the news about indoor air pollution was really a disturbing one.

So, I probed further into this issue and the results were really frightening. The things, which I thought were providing a healthy environment for my baby, were actually turning to be dangerous to her. Air - the one thing necessary to sustain our lives, is becoming unfit to breathe.

The contributors of indoor air pollution were the things that we use on a daily basis. The incense sticks, air fresheners, cleansers, aromatic oils, and insecticides. The air freshener, which filled our room the aromatic fragrance, which I thought to be my best friend, betrayed me. These materials are capable of releasing volatile organic compounds like nitrogen dioxide. This will cause respiratory diseases and breathing problems in babies. Further, the perfumes and deodorants which we are also factors that affect the indoor air quality.

The building materials like paint, tiles, and insulations contain asbestos. This is another harmful material. The furniture finishes contain a compound called, formaldehyde, which can cause, fatigue, nausea, and headaches. It can also cause breathing problems. The dust, which arises from cleaning the house, circulates inside the house and are inhaled by the family members including our babies. It can also induce asthma.

Another disturbing factor, that I never thought would create an issue was cooking. If there is no proper ventilation provided in the house and kitchen, the gases produced from the cooking will keep circulating inside the house. Even if the kitchens are provided with exhausts, there are not effective enough to remove the air pollutants.

These air pollutants can badly affect the babies health. Their immune system will be weak during the birth and are easily prone to diseases. They can cause pneumonia, wheezing, asthma and other respiratory diseases.

This is the moment, where a question occurred to me. Are we really providing a healthy environment for our kids? Air- the essential survival factor, now turning deadly. What can be done to protect our kids?

Certain things can be rectified like providing adequate ventilation in the house, so the polluted air doesn’t circulate inside the house. Also, keep an eye on AC. Try cleaning and maintaining it regularly. If you have pets in the house, do not allow them inside the baby’s room. The animal fur might also cause allergies and breathing problems in babies. An ideal solution for this issue would be an air purifier. It removes the contaminants and pollutants from the air inside the house and supplies fresh and a healthy air.

After getting to know the dangers of indoor air pollution, I could not take any risks with my baby’s health. I got an air purifier and I'm satisfied with how it works. it works really well. What I’ve noticed is that my baby is less bothered by rashes, allergies or colds. The air purifier removes odor, animal dander, dust, pollen, and other air pollutants, which could not be removed even by the vacuum.

Now I am able to cherish each and every moment of my motherhood, knowing that my baby is safe and healthy. Thank you Dr.Aeroguard for making my motherhood a lovely experience!

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