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Mom Guilt Is Real, But Here’s How You Can Deal With It!

mom guilt is real

As a mother, you juggle multiple roles depending on what your child needs, but despite all that you do, you may feel like you’re not doing enough. A lot of mothers go through this feeling, and we call it ‘mom guilt.’

Mom guilt is guilt you face as a mom, when you wonder if something you did was bad for your child, or if what you did was not enough. You may feel guilty after scolding your mischievous toddler, or about giving your child the occasional sweet treat. Or you may be a working mom who feels guilty about leaving your child to go to work. Whatever it is that has you feeling guilty, we’re here to tell you how you can avoid feeling this way:

1. Avoid Comparisons
stop comparing yourself

One thing that may be causing you mom guilt is that you compare yourself with other moms. You may notice your relative, who has a great rapport with her child, and wonder why your relationship with your little one is different. In such cases, it’s important to realise that every mother has her own unique way of being a good mom, and so do you.

2. Be More Realistic

You’re human. Repeat this to yourself. As a mom who’s trying her best, you try to be great at everything you do. This can get really stressful because you’re a human, who is trying to be superwoman. Be more honest about your abilities. Ask for help. It’s okay to acknowledge that you cannot do it all by yourself, and that you don’t have to either.

3. Spend Regular Quality Time
quality time with children

One of the biggest feelings of mom guilt nowadays, stems from the idea that your busy lifestyle might be in the way. If you’re a working mom, you may often worry that you don’t spend enough time with your child. The best way to spend some quality time is to use your weekends wisely, as an opportunity to bond with your tiny tot. Even on busy days, try minimising screen time as this will give you those 10 extra minutes that you can use for story time or a small game with your little one!

4. Make Time For Yourself

Last of all, let go of some of the stress. Being overly stressed can make you all the more likely to say, scold your child, or forget to do something. And this will later lead to a cycle of guilt. Give yourself some me-time! It’s most important for your well-being, and managing your stress will help you keep your mom and child relationship positive and healthy.

Remember, guilt is normal. Most of us feel it at different points in our lives, but it’s a sign of the fact that we have a conscience, that helps us be better people. As a mom, you may feel this guilt more often, but it’s a sign that you’re trying your best, to the best mom your child can have.

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