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Mom And Dad: Do they parent differently?

Bringing up a child is no easy task. Parents undergo some hardships and sacrifices to ensure the well-being of their child. While most people believe that nobody can understand and take care of a child better than a mother, the role of a father cannot be taken lightly either. Both the parents are equally important for a child. If one gave you life, the other slogs their whole life to keep you happy and satisfied. The role of mom and dad in a child's life are as important as oxygen and water. Mentioned below is an interesting comparison between the parenting techniques of mom and dad to help you understand their struggles better:

Mom - A superwoman who keeps the house and its occupants sane.

For every child, their mother is nothing less than a superwoman. From waking you up in the morning to preparing a healthy breakfast or keeping your clothes and other things in their place, a mother does it all and willingly, to add to that. For her, nothing can be more satisfying than keeping her children and family happy. Whether you’re stressed or you’ve had a long day in school or college, a small hug from your mom makes the stress a thing of the past.

Dad- A superhero who goes the extra mile to keep the family safe and secure.

A father may not be as expressive of their emotions as a mother, but the unconditional and pure love that he has for his child is at par with that of a mother's. While most dads may not enjoy changing diapers or preparing a full meal, he can spend hours playing cricket, football, or badminton with you, or reading your favorite storybooks at bedtime. When mom is in a bad mood, your dad comes across as a savior, protecting you from her wrath and also cheering you up with some funny jokes and antics.

Mom - A person with whom you can share your problems without any hesitation.

Most teenagers and young adults find it easier to communicate and share their problems (be it personal or professional) with their mothers than fathers. Whether a rise in their pocket money or to enjoy a sleepover at their friend's place, the mother often acts as a communicator between the children and their father.

Dad - A secret Santa.

Every parent wants their child to be loved and adored by others, as much as they adore their kids. Disciplining a child and teaching them good manners is an important parenting aspect. In an endeavor to instil values in the child, parents often have to be strict. They may not give in to your unreasonable demands all the time but know that there is a secret Santa who will sooner or later surprise you with the gift that you have been longing for so long.

Mom- A lady who will cry more than you when you are hurt.

Come home with a swollen face or a bruised leg and your mom will bring the whole house down with panic, worry and tears. A mother’s heart is very soft and tender. She can bear any amount of pain or suffering herself but loses composure the moment she sees her child in pain. A father, on the other hand, is more composed. His heart also aches to see his child suffer but he needs to stay strong and act fast to help his child.

Sure, today, mothers and fathers are not totally different and they share their responsibilities, so a child will always be loved and given care by both mom and dad. It is only the way they show their love that differs. 

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