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Mom’s Story: This Product Changed My Life...

I am an avid reader. I got into the habit of reading since my graduation days and I continue to read something or other, every day. Recently I went through pregnancy and gave life to my wonderful little baby girl. This phase, in the last few months, gave me ample time to read. I was more selective with my reading habit and mostly, I used to pick articles or magazines related to health, nutrition, or Baby caring. I came across articles which significantly pointed out what all chemicals we use in our everyday life and what all are their side effects.

One such daily commodity was the Floor cleaner which is used daily to clean floors and walls in our houses. We take a lot of care to keep our house clean. But wait for a minute! Have you ever wondered what all constitutes the small cup of chemical you add to the cleaning water?

Reading all these, and getting proofs of the same made me take a firm decision. The decision not to use any chemical substance in my house and to make it safe for my newborn baby as well as for any living being. It was hard to find an alternative, as most cleaners use chemicals which they prove to be effective in cleaning house and killing the germs. But my search came to an end when I heard of Tinystep Natural Floor Cleaner. It is a natural product, free from any kind of chemical and has a wonderful fragrance. All it contains are Neem extracts, Vinegar, Baking soda, and food grade preservatives. I am cleaning my house and kitchen for 2 weeks now with Tinystep Floor cleaner and it works like magic. It leaves a wonderful natural aroma in my house and everyone just happens to love it.

The normal floor cleaner we use in our houses contains a lot of toxic chemicals. Some common ones are Ammonia, Chlorides, Phosphates. These chemicals can cause severe health damage to anyone who comes in contact with it. They may even cause some serious brain damages and breathing issues to the newborns and small babies. My newborn baby used to fall sick very often and I wasn’t aware of what was wrong in my care. Eventually, I got to know that these chemicals are a big threat to newborns. Pets are equally vulnerable to these toxic chemicals. And the most common ways of consuming these toxins are through inhalation and touch. Although the chemical floor cleaners leaves the floor sparkly and clean, they pose a threat to the life of your little ones!

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