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Media Multitasking: 4 Ways It Might Not Be Good For Your Child

Making sure your child is getting the right amount of learning is a very tough job. In today’s media age, overseeing which media your little one is exposed too is important. Media has always had it’s pros and cons. White it may lower thinking and concentration, it has very successfully helped children learn beyond the universe! 

What is Media Multitasking?

Like the name suggests, media multitasking is using or seeing different medias at the same time. This can be using your phone, laptop and watching TV at the same time. Sometimes, visiting different sites or using different social media sites is also called multitasking.

Today, kids tend to eat, play or do homework while watching TV or listening to music/rhymes. Media or technology is good for your little one’s learning, but it is always important to keep a balance. Here are 4 reasons why media multitasking can go wrong for your child:

1. Poor Psychological Health

Many studies have pointed out that if your child is media multitasking, their psychological health is more at risk. Professionals say that the information overload can overwhelm your child. This can, then, further extend as serious psychological problems.

2. Learning and Thinking

A study conducted on children tested how well they can give criticism on a topic. It was found that media multitaskers were poor in understanding, reflection and memory. The main reason for this is because media multitasking largely puts gaps in your thinking as well as learning. Our brain has the ability to zero in on only one thing at a time.

Media multitasking can seriously affect creativity as well. There is lack of complex ideas present. Instead of a little thought for a big idea, children have too much thought for a small idea. In the end, children also tend to have poor time management skills.


3. Play and Communication is Largely Affected

Many children prefer to play or eat white watching TV simultaneously. Studies have proved that communication and effective play is largely hampered by media multitasking. This is largely because of the several channels and information that is being broadcasted through the TV. So, your child gets highly distracted with soaps, movies, etc white trying to either play or communicate with you.


4. Effects Sociability

Media multitasking also affects how your child communicates outside the house as well. This is because media multitasking restricts effective skills to communicate with people around you. So, instead of prattling with other children - your little one can be overly focused on the media they are using.

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Professionals say that when it comes to technology and media, there are a good number of positives that benefit children.

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Yet, the overload of media multitasking risks a positive balance to be shaken. When there is a familiarity of action, behaviors are easily automatic and not time consuming. That is why media multitasking is a very serious danger for your child’s development. 

As always you and the trusted people around you are the best judge for your child. What do you think? Did you know about any of these? 

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