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Toddlers, when growing up, become more and more selective. They start developing a sweet tooth and hate those green things you try to feed them, which otherwise cows love to eat. And coincidentally, it is the time that their bodies are growing and need all sorts of nutrients - Proteins that build their body, carbohydrates, and fats that give them their daily dose of energy, vitamins and minerals that help them develop immunity against the tiny pathogens of diseases, and lots and lots of roughages to keep their guts clean and healthy. 

There is no foolproof diet plan for your kid that we can write down, but still, we can suggest here few dishes that could be easily cooked and included in your toddler's meal plan. However, do remember that this is just a suggestion and no ultimate plan. The choice may vary from person to person and the availability of raw material may differ from place to place.

Lemon Juice with Honey

Squeeze a lemon in lukewarm water and add some honey to it. This combination is proven to be the healthiest drink anyone can start their day with. It is very easy and quick to make, no hassles of cooking or frying, and can be easily consumed. Also drinking water in the early morning is good for stomach and eases the morning activities.

Oats and Milk in the morning

Oats are the healthiest option for any age group and are suggested by paediatricians to be the best way to start the morning meal. Oats are easily digested as compared to other food items, are not fried and free of any kind of spice that may be harmful to the little body.

Sprouted seeds or Egg/Omelets

Both of these are rich sources of protein which is essential for a baby’s growing body. They provide a good amount of minerals which enhance their day-long activities, and their interest in physical exercises.

Pulses and Green vegetables in lunch

Pulses again are a very good source of the materials required to bear the requirements of the fast-growing body of children. Green seasonal vegetables provide a good amount of vitamins and minerals. Do include salads, as they are full of water and other fibres that are required for proper functioning of the body.


Curd contains numerous useful bacterias that are necessary for the proper digestion of the food inside children’s intestine. These bacterias are needed to maintain a healthy colony inside our body. Curd serves as a renovating agent for this establishment and ultimately helps our digestive system work smoothly. Also, they keep our body cool.


Fruits, though not so very rich in carbohydrates and proteins, are a wonderful source of many minerals our body need. They are abundant in water and helps us maintain the water level inside the body. They are a good source of antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C, K and many other minerals like potassium, iron, calcium etc. They keep our stomach clean and helps us fight any kind of constipation issue. One should always include fruits in their daily diet. Citrus fruits like oranges, mousambi can be juiced very easily and are a good source of vitamin C which enhances the immunity of the body.

So far, we saw the benefits of various items in the food. But how to plan for a perfect meal?

The answer is, there’s no perfect way to plan meals, but it boils down to a balanced intake of all the requirements of body as compared to the likes of your little kid. Make sure you have added all the required nutrients in optimum quantity, like a bowl of pulses and curd in the lunch is preferred every day for good health. Along with these, morning oats and sprouted seeds will be beneficial. Avoid fruits at night and prefer a glass of milk before bed. In case you feel that still, somehow, your baby is not healthy and fit as per his age, do consult a pediatrician. Thank you!

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