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Meal Plans For Toddlers (1-2 years)

Meals are the source of energy for your little ones. Only when they eat would they have the strength to play, run around to annoy you, and most important of all, stay and look healthy.

Most moms at some point of time would ask: "Am I feeding my baby the right way?". Moms, you can throw that thought to the back of your head now, as we have come up with a plan to ease your worries.

Just follow the following plan to have regular and steady meals:

For Breakfast:

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the meal that starts the day for everyone. Some of the acceptable choices for a toddlers breakfast are:


1. A bowl of cereal with milk and a banana.

2. A bowl of vegetable poha.

3. Idli with chutney.

4. Aloo mattar paratha.

5. Sevai upma.


1. Scrambled egg/omelette with buttered toast.

2. Banana pancakes with honey.

3. Omelette pizza.

Mid-Morning Snack:

1. Grapes/banana/apple/strawberries/watermelon - basically any fruit.

2. Sweet lime with crackers.

3. Wholewheat biscuit.

4. Milkshakes.


Following breakfast, lunch is the second meal of the day. Food keeps your energy levels up and it is a lot more important for kids than it is for adults because this is the span when they get vitamins and nutrients for the day.

Here are the choices in our plan for lunch:


1. Chapati smeared with ghee, and a small serving of dal along with a

2. Variety of cut-up vegetables.

3. Dal and seasonal vegetables with a cup of rice. Add half teaspoon ghee to dal.

4. Vegetable khichdi with ghee on top.

5. Rice with sambar and a side of chutney.

6. Vegetable pulao with yoghurt or raita. Matar paneer with rice or 1 paratha.

Note: You may choose any of these varieties but please see to it that your child has the appetite to continue eating more.


1. Vegetable pulao with egg curry and veggies on the side

2. 1 Chapatti with chicken curry and salad

3. Mild chicken biryani with mixed veg raita

4. 1 Roti with egg curry and cucumber salad

Note: You may choose any of these varieties but please see to it that your child has the appetite to continue eating more.

Evening Snack:

Some of the varieties for an evening snack is:

1. Cutlet and a glass of milk

2. Fruit yoghurt

3. Orange wedges

4. Cornflakes with milk

5. Strawberry milkshake

6. Paneer sticks


Most of the time, the appetite for kids to eat dinner would be relatively small compared to lunch, as your he/she would have been active in the earlier part of the day, his activity levels will go down.

So do not force him to eat on your preferences, let him eat whatever he wants as much or little as he can.

Some of the choices for dinner include:


1. Vermicelli pulao/upma/pasta with a side of vegetables.

2. Vegetable noodles.

3. Chapathi with paneer bhurji.

4. Khichdi with veggies.

5. Wheat pasta with tomato soup.


1. Chicken khichdi.

2. 1 roti with minced chicken and peas curry.

3. Chicken Pasta.

4. Egg and veg noodles.

So, ladies, the above-specified plan is to be followed regularly, and you can change the variety of the items by your preference over the course of the week.

Though nerve-wracking to implement a new plan while trying to manage the already unending chores, errands, and responsibilities, this is what makes a mom special. All our well wishes go out to you all moms out there. We hope this will be helpful to you unsure moms out there and we wish your child has a fun-filled and healthy childhood.


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