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Make Your Marriage Stronger With These Tips

There are essentially 7 rules to a happy married life and they are quite simple –

1. Listen:

When your partner says something to you listen to him or her. Give him or her the same response you would want from them. Give his or her thoughts the same respect you expect from him or her. 

2. Forgive:

Forgiveness is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and not to others. Yes, when you forgive someone it is for your peace of mind. So learn to forgive people. It is easier said than done. So initially it will be difficult as you would be simmering with anger but slowly let go and start saying to yourself – I forgive him or her. – and you would see that you are at peace with yourself.

3. Show gratitude:

Show gratitude to your partner at least once in a day. No matter how insignificant the thing is but when you thank them he or she would do things with more enthusiasm knowing that his or her efforts are appreciate.

4. Have some quality time:

It is quite important for couple to spend some time in alone. Tea time is the best time for a couple to spend together, talk about each other's sweet memories make some new memory. In case you are working make sure to find your own quality time with each other and bond over it.

5. Talk and share:

Communication is one of the best medicines for healthy relationship. Share your thoughts and dreams. This would not only improve your bond but would also increase love and trust between you two.

6. Avoid arguments:

The main cause of fight is both partners being angry at the same time. The best way to avoid fight is to be calm and listen when your partner is angry. Don't try to say anything when he or she is angry because it would only aggravate the anger and would not get you desired results.

7. Show care for each other:

One of the best way to show your love is buying gifts for each other. However, do remember the nature of your spouse if he or she doesn't like to spend on gifts then this could be another reason for a huge fight between you two.

Happy Valentines day 😊

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