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Make Baby Care Gentler With A Gentle Baby Fragrance

johnson's baby products

For the first few years of your baby’s life, your baby needs you the most. They need special loving care that is gentle yet nourishing. Choosing the right baby care products for your baby’s skin is a huge part of this special care, because of their paper-thin, sensitive and delicate skin.

Most baby care products don’t have a descriptive ingredients list. They list out fragrance as an ingredient without revealing the actual composition of the fragrance. Although gentle fragrance options are available, most companies opt for fragrances that are cheap but not necessarily safe.

Why Gentle Fragrances Are Good For Your Baby

johnson's baby

1. Calms Your Baby Down

Bath time and the massage before bath are an important part of baby care. It soothes them, helps you bond with them and keeps them healthy and happy. A gentle baby fragrance can help to calm your baby and improve their mood.

2. Bonding and Memory

Taking care of your baby’s skin, whether it’s bath time or applying some lotion, is great for mother and child bonding because your baby enjoys your gentle and loving touch. The fragrance of baby care products plays an important role here as their sense of smell is strongly connected to his memories.

johnson's baby products

Products With Fragrance That You Should Avoid

1. Some products use plant-based essential oils for fragrance. Although essential oils are fine for use on adult skin, they are strong and sometimes contain allergens, which can cause allergies and irritation to your baby’s sensitive skin.

2. Most baby care products have alcohol-based fragrances which dry out your baby’s skin. These alcohol-based fragrances can even cause a number of other problems such as allergies, lung problems and even cancer.

3. Most fragrances contain phthalates which are even more harmful to your little one. They can damage your liver, respiratory system, heart and kidneys.

johnson's baby

4. There are also a few ingredients that have been derived from petroleum and coal. These synthetic chemicals can cause neurological, skin and eye damage.

5. Most companies add strong fragrances in order to mask the foul smell created from the other ingredients. This can make the product more harmful for the consumer.

Not all fragrances are bad. The new Johnson’s Baby products use only the gentlest and safest fragrances, approved by the highest standards of the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) as they are free from allergens and skin irritants.

johnson's baby products

They have been clinically proven to be mild enough for babies, after being tested on 5.5 lakh volunteers worldwide and undergoing 8000 clinical trials.

Your baby’s skin is 30% thinner than yours. So always choose the safest, gentlest products for their skin. The gentle baby fragrance and clinically proven mildness of Johnson’s Baby products makes it perfect for your baby.

johnson's baby products

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