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Mahira Khan Talks About Her Life As A Single Mom

mahira khan with her son

Mahira Khan, the fresh new face in Shah Rukh Khan's Raees, talks about her life as a single mother. For those of you who don't know all that much about her, Mahira Khan is super popular Pakistani actress. She made her debut in Bollywood with Raees and was held in high regard for it.

She is a single mother and has a little boy whom she loves to bits. She says she thinks about him all the time irrespective of whether she's at a shoot or giving an interview. She, however, feels like an 'anomaly' in the country infamous for being conservative. Life is difficult for a single mother where she is one of the very few of her kind. She hopes that in the future there will be more women like her.

In her interview with 'The Quint' magazine, she talks about her son being her first priority. A lot of work slips past her fingers as she puts her son first but believes that whatever work she ends up doing is meaningful and that for her is enough.

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