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Lose Weight Easily Without Diet Or Exercise

Most of us wish we could shed a few pounds now and then. Maybe you’re attending a wedding or maybe you just want to feel comfortable in your skin - Whatever the reason is, losing weight is always on our mind and on our resolutions list. But, all the time and effort that goes into dieting and exercising is what keeps most of us away. Fret not, here are few simple ways you can see a difference in your weight without sweating the calories out or staying away from your favourite foods:

1. Size matters

Instead of grabbing the biggest plate to place your food on, go for the smallest. You will be able to place only smaller portions of food and when you clear the plate, your brain will send signals that you are full even though you might not be. The same goes for the size of the spoon too. Smaller the spoon, smaller the amount of food you intake.

2. Out of sight, out of mind

When you’re bored, you might reach for whatever food is in front of you. If that’s the case, why not store all the junk food away? This way, when you crave some food, you’re less likely to go all the way and grab it from a closed shelf. In your living room or the dining table, place foods like fruits, veggies, nuts and so on for you to consume when you feel like it.

3. Thirst trap

Drinking lots of water does two things for you - It fills up your tummy leaving less space for food and it also helps in metabolism to digest your food faster. The best time to do this is around half an hour before your meal times. And don’t substitute water with other drinks like soda or anything that contains sugar in it.

4. Slow and steady wins the race

When you’re eating your food, chew it thoroughly before swallowing it. Also, eat your food slowly, don’t rush it along. Studies show that fast eaters are more likely to be obese than slow eaters. You can start by counting the number of times you chew until it becomes a practice.

5. No distractions

You know how you tell your kids to not eat while sitting in front of the TV, this goes for adults too. Eating when you’re looking at the TV or at your smartphone will make you eat more than that is necessary because you’re brain is busy engaged in another activity to receive signals from the tummy. Eat only in a designated dining area so that as that you concentrate completely on your food. 

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