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Living With 2 Toddlers: 7 Tips for Survival!

Parenting a child unlocks the treasure of all the hidden skills in you and cultivates them like nothing before. It offers you new life lessons, surprises you with new things as well as situations each and every day of your parenthood. Yet, when you have two toddlers - who are full of energy, mischief, mayhem, put their mind and soul in testing every parenting boundary you have - you learn to become a super mom in no time. So, here are a few things you need to embrace the way to being a super mom.

- It will be noisy all-the-time! Toddlers have opinions about everything and they urge to express it in a way that is as loud as possible. Furthermore, they want it to be heard. They want adequate assurance that you are listening, understanding and responding to their opinions. In case you are busy to respond at the moment, they will make sure you listen to them by repeating the same comment or question over and over and over until they are convinced about you listening.

- Negotiation is always on your plate: That is something most of the times you terrible fail in. Although they are the fruits of the same tree, they are as different as chalk and cheese. If one toddler would love to dance with you in the home, the other would want to go out and play with you. In the entire toddlerhood of your child, all you would be doing is negotiating between the two toddlers.

- Toddlers tend to copy each other: As much as your toddlers want to explore the worlds separately, they tend to copy each other most of the times. For instance, once one of your toddlers decides that he doesn’t want to drink the juice you prepared just a few seconds before, the other toddler is sure to follow. They can turn on a dime in no time and make your life a lot more difficult than it could be.

- Family meal is fit for a king: On the account of what one of your toddlers wants is different than the other, the family meal you decide to savour with your family consists of at least 10 options. This inludes loads of side dishes, veggies, fruits and everything that your toddlers might like. Only if you offer a handful of options for meals, your toddlers might let you have your food in peace.

- Your ability to be patient and calm will be challenged! Having to raise two toddlers at a time is nothing but having terrible two monsters running behind you around-the-clock. While both of them are nagging you constantly and simultaneously for your attention in the sixth hour, all you want to do sometimes is scream at the top of your voice. Your patience will be tested like gold in the furnace. Yet, gradually, you will learn to be patient and come out stronger than ever.

- A clean house is a far-fetched dream: When you have two toddlers in the home, your house is meant to be messy. Scribblings are bound to be on the wall, the liquid in the sippy cups will spill, play-dough will end up in most unexpected places, the soapy bubbles they love to play with will make your floor slippery and (unsurprisingly) squeaky toys wind up under your feet all the time - day and night. If you want to save yourself from the stress of having a cluttered house, keep saying to yourself - “I have toddlers. The house is bound to be messy and this phase will pass on.”

- Cutest factor: When you put the stress you undergo while raising two toddlers under one roof and the love they have for you in a weighing scale, it is no wonder that the love they display outweighs everything. When you put those adorable little monsters side by side and they come to you with their arms open for a hug, it makes everything worth it! 

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