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List of 8 Fruits to Not Eat During Pregnancy

8 fruits you should not eat during pregnancy

Do not worry mothers! If you take these 8 cues and cater to your own immediate needs as per the careful consultation of your doctor - you will surely not only have a ecstatic body but also a healthily bouncing little one! 


Dates during pregnancy

Dates are exceptionally high in natural sugar and for women with gestational diabetes, it is more difficult for cells to absorb the glucose. This further results in higher blood sugar levels, excessively excited uterus muscles and heat production. If taken in small helpings for cravings it is alright but this sweet treat should be avoided altogether until after your pregnancy to prevent any complications.

Bitter Melon

Bitter melon during pregnancy

Bitter Melons are extremely good for health, especially for iron deficiencies. But during the sensitive term of pregnancy it consists of a protein that severely affects the reproductive system. The resultant consequences include decreased blood sugar, irritant uterine contractions, miscarriage or premature birth, digestive issues and heartburn.

It also leads to high toxicity of quinine/saponic glycosides/morodicine/vicine nature which causes aberrant physical reactions like nausea, rashes, vomiting, headaches, or even coma. The consumption of Bitter Melon, although is limited it is extensively a no-no for the first trimester.


Longan during pregnancy

Longan is a little known and an easy to miss fruit. Even though it is the ultimate all-in-one nutritious package, it encourages several dangerous consequences during pregnancy. This includes - inductive increase in the already present constipation symptoms, miscarriages, premature births and worsening of any present blood pressure symptoms. Longan is a definite NO during the first and last trimester - extremely dangerous for both parties.


Graviola during pregnancy

From the exotic tropical rain forests of the world - this fruit is another best source for nutritious developments. But during pregnancy - graviola has a dangerous tendency for negative consequences like: dilated blood vessels, lowered blood pressure, increased nausea, vomiting, indigestive fungal/yeast infections. In addition, there are various cardiovascular dysfunctions with large amount consumption of the fruit or even related products. Thus, it is required that a descriptive consultation is acquired.


Guava during pregnancy

This bright and attractive fruit is best for the regulation of nutritious deficiency and strength during old age. But during pregnancy, induced constipation and increased body temperatures create additional complications for the mother’s term.


Lichi during pregnancy

Lichis are the refreshment sources to go to at the number spot during summers. But due to its dangerously high sugar content - pregnancies are complicated extremely. The symptoms include a severe diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular, cholesterol and weight mismanagement. Thus, post a descriptive consultation - little amounts are permitted for consumption.


Cranberry during pregnancy

Various studies have a divided opinion regarding whether this bright exotic snack is good during pregnancies. Yet, many cases have seen allergic reactions and gestational discomfort like diarrhea. So of you’re unsure of your reaction or have a past/present issue of blood sugar - it is best to barter a timeout with the craving Gods!


Oranges during pregnancy

Much like the other gestational diabetes-prone fruits above - oranges also raise risky levels of the sugar content. Thus, only limited amounts of consumption are permitted if cravings are not controllable.


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