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Lifesaving Blood Transfusion Gives Baby and Mom a New Lease of Life

A doctor couple helped a woman who had previously miscarried 5 times deliver a healthy baby, by carrying out a timely blood transfusion procedure called Intrauterine Blood Transfusion (IUBT).

The woman had previously miscarried due to a low haemoglobin content, which can occur due to a disease called Rh (isoimmunization or incompatibility) disease. It results due to the parents having different Rh factor groups - one with ‘+’ and the other with ‘-.’ It usually occurs after the first pregnancy, and doctors say that such cases are 1 in 1,000.

Positive and Negative Rhesus Factors

Dr. Hitanshu and Gouri Bhatt, a young doctor couple in Surat came across this case and performed the IUBT procedure twice a week, resulting in the birth of a healthy baby weighing 2 kg after 8 and a half months of pregnancy.

“To prevent this disease, every mother should be given an anti-D injection within 72 hours of the birth of the first child,” said Dr Hitanshu, adding that it costs just Rs 3,000 or so to a patient, but is a lifesaver.

Rh Disease

Rh (rhesus) disease - it is a condition that occurs when the mother is Rh negative (blood groups with ‘-’) in contrast to an Rh positive father, resulting in incompatibility between the mother’s and baby’s blood Rh factor.

Usually, it affects the second pregnancy due to the antibodies in the mother’s blood that can react to the baby’s opposing Rh. The disease results in anemia in mild cases, and stillbirth in the severe ones.

Rhesus conflict occurs in Rhesus negative mothers, when the father of the child is Rhesus positive.


Consult your doctor. Usually, the mother is injected with the anti-D or anti-RhD during pregnancy or after the first birth, to prevent the effects of Rh incompatibility.

This case for example, is an example of presence of mind of the doctor couple which allowed the woman to finally hold her little one in her arms, preventing a miscarriage and giving her baby a lease of life.

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