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Life with Babies: What You Did NOT Expect

It is no secret that having a baby changes life completely. A lot of changes are anticipated in advance by the new parents but you cannot ever be prepared for everything. Here we are going to tell you about a few things that are about to change, so brace yourselves tight! 

Fear and Courage

 It may sound quite ironic but it is true that fear and courage both redefine them and are reborn in you. Before having a baby, you may be the fearless daredevil that would do anything but once the baby is born, you are concerned about him or her and care for their life more than yours. Also, you may be a timid person all your life but when anything concerns the well being of your baby, you are not afraid anymore to stand up against it.

Early Bird

No matter how big of a night owl you were or are, after a baby is born, you automatically become a morning person. You aim at completing all the essential personal works while the baby is still asleep and clock your chores in synchronization with the baby’s sleep cycle. Being an early bird may not be what you want but it is what happens to you.

Change in Priorities

Once you become a parent, your baby becomes the top priority in your life and everything you do revolves around them. You plan your finances keeping their future in mind. You will rather buy the toy that your child loves rather than the shoes you have been dying to have, and you will happily forsake the vacation you planned for their school.

You Become a Talkative Person

 You realize that you finally have a someone to talk about for hours without getting bored. You can talk about the smallest of your baby’s actions and reactions to friends and family members for hours at length even if you were someone who was bored by small talks. Your baby is the constant wonder in your life and never ceases to amaze you. Your baby’s first tooth and first word are topics which you will be telling everyone for days to come.

You Cherish Silence

You have completely forgotten what silence feels like. It has been ages when you could sit in completely silent and contemplate upon matters or just enjoy your own company. Now, unless the baby is asleep, there is no chance of getting a silent moment in peace for yourself. The baby will either keep on playing loudly or starts crying but in no case, you are going to get silence. And that is why when the baby is asleep you cherish the quiet moments with your partner.

You Learn to Share

 Nothing you buy or get is solely yours anymore. You always think of your baby and you share everything with him or her. If you are getting yourself a burger from your favourite food joint you get it for them too, or if you are going to buy yourself a dress you buy one for your child too. Nothing is just yours any longer, your baby has a claim to everything and you happily share it with them.

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