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Every parent goes through a stage of hardships of handling different situations related to baby problems.The first few days and months of motherhood are fraught with anxiety. Babies are so tiny and helpless that it is normal to worry about their well being. And you do have a cause for worry. Newborn baby problems cannot be ignored as babies are so delicate. Kids do some real mess sometimes, so here are some useful tricks to tackle some of the situations.

1. Keep lollipops for later with this genius parent trick

Do your kids love Kinder? If so, be sure to keep the plastic, orange, toy cases.

They are incredibly useful for storing half-eaten, sugary lollipops after playtime.

2. Pro-parent tip to remove furniture marks

I bet you've never tried this unusual parent hack. Grab a tube of toothpaste - it's time to tackle those felt tip pen marks.

Apply the cream to a cloth, and wipe over marked furniture. It should lift the stain completely without leaving any marks.

3. Use a mesh garment bag for washing your children’s socks.Not only do you not lose any of your kids’ socks in the washer or dryer, but it makes it easy to put their clean laundry away, too, since your socks are all together in one place and not hiding inside pants or shirts. You can save money on lost socks and time trying to keep them all together!

4. Freeze big recipes. Have you ever made a big recipe that was way too much food for your family and ended up throwing away half of it? Yeah, we used to do that all the time. So I started freezing half of the recipes for easy freezer meals!

5. Use duct tape to hold on your toddler’s diaper. Children usually pull off the diapers whenever they want to. so, use duct tape on the diapers so that they can't easily remove diapers. It works like a charm, and it will save you from having to clean up stinky, poopy messes.

6. Shoe Stickers: The problem is that kids usually have a hard time putting the shoes on the right feet. This is easily remedied with one sticker. Take a larger sticker and cut it in half. Put it in the shoes so that when left and right are lined up correctly the picture will fit together.

7. Sleep Trick

Kids can have a really hard time sleeping.So , Start rubbing the tiny nose gently it works every time.Start at the top and stroke it straight down to the tip, over and over. Baby's eyes will grow heavy and eventually close. It works for the children even of age 6 months.

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