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Dear son...

The journey of 9 months when I carried you in my womb was not an easy one, but it was the one that filled our life with loads of hope, love, luck and fun. I remember how your father used to sing songs to you while you responded back joyfully with your little kicks! Your father’s lullabies used to put both you and I to sound sleep. that's exactly why we are both healthy. And then finally... the wait was over and you came into our lives as our little bundle of joy -our prince.  

We were so overwhelmed to see you! You were so tiny and so dependent on us and now you're going ahead in your life and taking a step into your years ahead which may be a confusing time. But all I would like you to know, is that I am going to be there for you, as a mother and as a friend as whoever you want me to be. I wish you to reach out to me first when in need. You will now have a lot going on in your life with little time to spend with your parents but we will still be holding your back at every step in life. I am writing this letter to help you make the right decisions in life. With God giving us free will, you have yours too but be assured to choose everything in life wisely rather out of mere passion or craze. The world is giving in to peer pressure but I urge you to stay strong and not give in to peer pressure. Always remember son, I am your mother and I will always have your back no matter what! 

Your mom 😊

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