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Lemur Parenting - How Fathers Can Also Facilitate Infant Protection


As soon as your little one enters this world - you as parents cannot get over all the wonder and joy you feel. Along with the overwhelming love you undergo, you also make it your mission to provide the best for your child. Have you heard of lemur parenting? Read on to know how these cute little animals have inspired a possibility for human fathers. Now they can care and protect their infants! 

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Parenting: Nothing that can replace it

When you become a parent, it can be a very bitter sweet experience. There are long nights of feeding, diaper change and rocking - but there are equal number of the first step, joy of the first words or even the first smile.

As your infant grows, you want to be there for them - giving everything that is required. This includes the right nutrition, clothes and teachings. You feel like you need to give a balance not only in their food, but also their morals, values and discipline. Parenting is a time where you want to be a support 24/7 but also want you child to have the freedom to grow.

Fatherhood: The balance in parenting

Everyday should be a day to celebrate parenthood. Both mother’s and father’s day may have passed, but we know how taking care of little ones is a task that not everyone can do.

There are times when mommies are dead tired or work is just too much to handle - fathers tend to bring the balance in these times. Fathers are the other side of parenting which makes the contribution of both the parents more well-rounded for the little. The first time your child learns to ride a bike, the time when your baby might need a boost up to see things clearly or that time when your child just needs another perspective - fathers are the second side of the parenting coin.

Anxiety regarding pregnancy and parenting are equally shared by both parents. Both mothers and fathers fear that they will not always be able to give the best things for their little one. Even then, as you will read on, both parents are the strong forces that keep the child the most cared for always.  

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Studies find: A cute parenting hack


Usually, when men become fathers - their ‘protective’ androgen hormones lessen. This means a potential to be less aggressive and more nurturing/caring towards their infant. A less protective influence from the father may not lead to a complete expected infant growth and bond with the father. This is something that is always looked at when talking about a father’s role in their child’s growth. On the other hand, mothers are seen as the better option for both protection and care due to their potential hormonal levels.

Lemurs are usually a nuclear unit with only father and siblings helping out with the infant’s growth other than the mother. Humans comparatively extend their baby’s care to relatives or babysitters. A recent study shows something very equalising for both parents and infants. Hormonal changes in the androgens of lemurs creates not only an active participation from the father’s but also an equal contribution to the growth of their infant.


Against popular belief about father’s roles in nurturing, this result about lemurs has created a balanced playing field for both parents. These nurturing activities like grooming, playing, holding and “huddling” i.e. snuggling close to one another in a group with tails wrapped around each other’s bodies do not affect fathers from protecting their infants as well. While carrying may not be having a direct affect on this dual character in fathers - the study shows a total possibility of both parents can work towards caring for their child.

In fact, the contact percentage of father-infants in both lemurs and humans are a similar range between 25 to 25%. This gives a hope of a potential relationship which may be true in the case of human fathers today.

So, parenting just got a lot easier - didn’t it ladies?! 

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