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Learning While Playing: Games To Make Your Kid Smarter

We often wonder whether it is possible to bring studies and play together. Children love to play and studying feels like a task to them. If however, teaching was turned into a fun experience, they would easily learn all those things that otherwise took them too long to figure out. There is a reason why most kindergartens and primary schools are adopting action-based and practical learning.

There are a lot of games and toys available in the market that bring about learning in a fun way. Even you could devise games and activities in your own household to engage your children and help them learn something at the same time.

1. Legos

Legos are one of the most amazing toys that you could buy your kids. They develop your child’s cognitive abilities and also enhance their muscle development. The process of placing and building structures from legos helps your kids to develop hand-eye coordination and also makes their movements better. This is most effective in children of age 1-5.

2. Name-Place-Animal-Thing

Write down all 26 alphabets on different chits and shuffle them. Ask your kids to pick out an alphabet randomly. Now ask them to write a name, place, animal and thing which begin with that alphabet. This will help you as well as your kids to brainstorm and come up with new pieces of information. Make sure that you score this so as to make it fun. The person, who finishes first, gets a point.

3. Plant A Garden

Learning is not just about books and tests. Learning should encompass broader areas of everyday life. It is imperative to teach children that they should be sensitive towards the society and the environment. A practical environmental education is far more effective than a theoretical one. Plant a garden with your kids and teach them the importance of regular and proper care, relate this with human life to tell them about the importance of good mental as well as physical health.

4. Bring The Lab To Your Kitchen

Google a few small experiments or look them up on YouTube. They don’t have to be complex, anything simple will do. Pick up an experiment which is not harmful in any manner. Most of the material required for the experiment should be available within your household. Perform the experiment and watch as your children’s faces light up with happiness. Draw conclusions and ask your children what they learned from that particular experiment.

5. Math All Around

Math is already quite a scary subject for children. You could make it easy for them by pointing out how math is present all around them in their everyday life. Count the number of chairs at every table in the restaurant and multiply with the number of tables. This will give you the total number of chairs in the entire hotel. Count how many times the chorus comes on in a song of your children’s choice. Small things will help them learn fundamentals quite effectively. 

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