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Learn The Secret To Raise A Happy Baby

Isn’t life just more colorful and happy after having a baby? When you wake up, the first thing you do is look at your baby. You see those big round eyes and your day just gets better! Although babies can’t talk, they can express themselves in numerous ways. They laugh, giggle, smile, they’re active and basically they’re happy.

Do you know the real secret to keep your baby happy? The short answer is: “Breastfeeding is the key!!” Now you must be wondering how is this possible? Well, let us give you that answer.

Your baby’s gut health plays a role in their happiness

You may not realise this but your gut health can actually determine your happiness levels. This is the reason why you would be unable to focus on your work if your tummy is upset - the imbalance in gut flora is responsible for this. The same applies to your baby.

How does breastfeeding keep the baby’s tummy happy?

Babies derive nourishment and nutrition from breast milk. The American Academy Of Pediatrics recommends that babies should be fed exclusively with breast milk for at least the first 6 months of their life. If you extend the period for about 1 year and more, then it’s all the more better.

Breast milk is the perfect food for babies as it is easy on their digestive system. It contains the right amount of nutrients like protein (casein and whey), lactose and fat which can be digested easily. Essentially, the proper growth of your little one depends on adequate quantities of these nutrients that are given to him/her during infancy.

It also contains antibodies which help in protecting the baby from many illnesses including respiratory infections and diarrhoea. Breastfed babies are less likely to develop future health problems like diabetes, allergies and high cholesterol. It also reduces the chances of obesity in toddlerhood. So, breast milk is the best for your baby’s nutritional needs.

What’s the secret recipe?

The secret to a happy tummy is choosing the right milk. Often when mothers are not being able to breastfeed their child due to some complications, they tend to incline towards cow’s milk. But this can be harmful. According to NCBI, because of the low iron content of cow’s milk, the infants fed with cow’s milk do not receive the necessary amount of iron they need whereas the higher level of proteins and minerals (more than the baby requires) can lead to severe dehydration. Moreover, as the baby’s digestive system is not strong and mature enough to digest the cow’s milk properly, it ends up causing a digestive problem as gas, bloating, vomiting etc.

There are better choices available when it comes to milk which provides adequate nutrition while being gentle on the tummy and hence ensures the digestive comfort for the baby. When the tummy is happy, so is the baby! And that’s why choosing the right milk is the secret to a happy child!

Babies are happy most of the time after having mama’s milk because they feel energetic. They feel like they are being showered with the goodness of all the essential nutrients and hence they are more active, alert and giggling throughout. Now that you know this little secret, do breastfeed your baby as much as you can! After all, a healthy baby is a happy baby!

Note- This blog has been reviewed by Tinystep Medical Advisory Board

Disclaimer- All the information provided in the blog is for reference purposes only. Please do not consider this as a medical advice. Start Healthy Stay Healthy programme is for educational purposes only, in partnership with doctors. Always consult a doctor if you have any questions related to your own health or the health of your child.

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