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Ladies, Here's 3 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Stretch Marks!

You may have had stretch marks from a long time ago, or you might have developed them during your pregnancy. Either way, you end up feeling insecure about them but the truth is, you shouldn’t be. Stretch marks are a part of a normal human body and most people have them!

You might have tried a number of products, exercises and diets to try making those stretch marks ‘disappear’ but the truth is, you shouldn’t feel this way about your body. You should love it no matter what it looks like! Need more reasons to embrace your stretch marks?

They represent your journey.

Your stretch marks do not make you ugly. They simply mean that you carried a baby, it grew inside you, and that your body and your skin were so adaptive that they literally stretched like elastic for the sake your little bundle of joy. If that’s not incredible, what is? The stretch marks are there to remind you that you did something so difficult - like battle scars, or souvenirs from your life.

They’re normal!

Your stretch marks were not something you chose or created. They are a natural formation on your body. You can’t feel ashamed for something that is out of your control can you? Stretch marks are also determined by your genetics, so give yourself a break from all the self-loathing. Love your body and all that it can do, accept that it changes to show you that you are living and growing. Your body is beautiful, no matter what!

They look like lightning stripes!!!

Have you noticed how zig-zaggy stretch marks are? They also shine on your skin, right? Remind you of anything else? Lighting stripes perhaps? In fact, a new practice has begun and the take on stretch marks has changed - women are tattooing in their stretch marks and even filling them with glitter, to represent the true beauty of life and change that stretch marks stand for.

Photo: Instagram | @sarashakeel

Of course, you may not accept your stretch marks right away. Loving your body is a journey, and you can learn to change the way you think about your stretch marks. But the most important thing is to start trying to love yourself a little more each day. Eventually, your stretch marks will look beautiful in your eyes. It may not happen now, but let’s work on it and be happier in our own bodies!

After all, don’t you sometimes look at your stretch mark cum battle scars and think, “girl power!”?

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