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Labor Calling - When Do Babies Turn Their Head Down?

Most expecting mums have a billion questions about their pregnancy and their baby! Just like the way a little child gets excited and starts asking a lot of questions about a fun picnic, pregnant women experience something similar of the sort! One of the most common questions asked by moms all over the globe is- “ When will my baby turn her head down inside my womb?”

The reason why this question is so popular in the mom world is because, the change in the baby’s head position indicates the readiness of the baby to enter the real world! Basically, that’s the countdown to the birth of the baby. 

When do babies REALLY turn their head down?

Experts say that unborn babies can turn their heads down anytime between the 28th- 32nd week of pregnancy. Anyhow, some babies cannot get into this position until few minutes before labour begins. You can still undergo vaginal birth even if your baby has not turned her head downside. 

Why is the baby’s head position so important?

During labour, the baby passes through your pelvic bones before reaching the birth canal. According to doctors, the best position for birthing is occiput anterior, in which the baby’s head faces down and his entire body faces the mother’s back.

Since this is the best position for giving birth, moms are excited to know if their baby head has turned her head down and ready for delivery!

The head down position exerts pressure on the cervix, allowing it further widen to accommodate the baby’s head to pass. This widening process triggers a certain hormone production which is essential for labour.

In simple words, this position becomes easy for baby to enter the world and it is safe for the mother too!

How to get your baby’s head in position?

Babies usually turn their head down during the 30th week of pregnancy. However, not all babies do it even until the 36th week! If you’ve had an experience like this, here’s how you can change the position of your baby in the womb:

-Gentle exercise in the form of dance

-Drink sufficient water

-Go for regular walks

-Play with your baby by gently pushing your bump

Don’t worry at all mommy, because your baby isn’t going to stay that way permanently. If your baby doesn’t turn down by the time you reach your due date, you can opt for a C-section. Talk to your doctor for more information because they will be able to guide you in the right direction.

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