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Know What Happens In The 48 Hours Before Delivery

Your due date is almost here and you can’t wait to meet your newest addition to the family. There are a lot of mixed feelings and emotions in your system right now. You have every right to feel this way. You grew a baby inside you all these months. It is definitely overwhelming. Sometimes, you may even be too overwhelmed to even think about your emotions.

Now, you may wonder what you should expect during this wait. There are a few common changes that happen the day before you give birth. Here are some of the things you may experience:

1. Heartbeats go crazy for mama and baby!

Your heart rate will keep going up and down in the hours before you go into labour. So will your baby’s heart rate - it will fluctuate like crazy! Your doctor may keep an eye on the fluctuating heartbeat to make sure everything is normal. It will rise when active and go down when not active, just like mama’s heartbeat.

2. Your joints and limbs feel loose

As a way of preparing for delivery, your joints will start feeling loose and relaxed. This is due to the release of a hormone called relaxin. It is meant to make your pelvis and hips more flexible to make it easier for you to give birth. It can also cause you to become more clumsy as the hormone can affect other areas of your body as well - your knees and arms.

3. You MAY feel more energetic

Giving birth is definitely a precious experience. You are welcoming a baby into your home. All this can suddenly make you want to get up and get the house ready for your baby. This is a completely natural thing called nesting where the mom gets this overwhelming feeling of wanting to prepare the house for her little one. It usually happens to moms in their third trimester and sometimes much earlier.

4. Your baby can hear you...

Yes, your baby can hear whatever you say. So if you cry, scream or swear, your baby is probably listening to it all - they just won’t remember it They know which voice is their mama’s voice and thus, this is how they will know who you are when they are born. Ask your husband (and your kids) to speak softly to your baby - that way your baby will be familiarised with him too!

5. All those menstrual cramps!

No, you won’t actually get your period but you may actually start experiencing cramps similar to the menstrual cramps. It may actually be worse than your usual menstrual cramps. Some (lucky) women don’t even experience these cramps. They will just experience the contractions (unavoidable) but even that would be in bearable amounts. Either way, be prepared for the worst.

6. Colour of your discharge changes

You may have gotten used to the thick white discharge throughout your pregnancy. Now, be prepared for a slight colour change in that discharge. The change is completely normal - as long as you don’t notice blood along with your discharge. If there is blood, you should alert your doctor about it immediately.

7. You may not experience any change

In a few cases, mothers don’t experience ANY change. They don’t see a change in discharge, their joints don’t feel loose and they don’t feel cramps either. The only thing they may feel are the usual contractions. If you are one of these moms, count yourself lucky!

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