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Know The Difference Between Good Sex and Great Sex

Not every sexual experience is a great one. There is a huge difference in having a good time and having the time of your life. But what is the difference that makes the simple physical act of having sex transcend into something ecstatic? Once you learn the difference between good sex and great sex, you are sure to get a positive experience each time you get in bed with someone.    

1. Choice of Partner: 

Partners test each other’s limits and traverse into new erotic terrain together, in great sex. That is why your partner can either make or break intercourse. If your partner is passionate, enthusiastic, energetic, and sexy, then you are going to have an amazing time. But if somehow, your partner is bored, dull, tired, or just lazy to do sex, there is no way you will get the experience you were hoping for. So, you need to be careful whom you choose to sleep with. If you are in a committed relationship and always have sex with the same person, then catching them in the right mood is the key to having a great sex, because you need to make sure that they are as eager as you to have sex.

2. Foreplay: 

Experts regard foreplay as an extremely important part of any sexual experience. The longer is the foreplay, the more intense will be the orgasm. It is that simple. You do not need to start foreplay right before going to bed. You can start it in the morning itself by biting them while kissing before leaving for work or sending them a text, preferably dirty. These kinds of things will build up both your sexual energy throughout the day and by the time you both reach home, you would be dying to have some great sex together.

3. Creativity: 

Repetition is boring in sex. This is where you can let your imagination run free and come up with the weirdest but most creative ideas to add a pinch of spice to your sex life and make your night worth a one to remember. Your partner will also definitely appreciate the effort you put into making the moment a memorable one. Try a new position, bring a new toy, have sex at a different place instead of the usual bedroom, try having it at a different time of the day. Even the smallest change can be a major turn on for you and your partner.

4. Attitude: 

The Positive attitude of both of the people involved is really important to turn good sex into great sex. You both need to be present in the moment enjoying every scent and touch. You should not fantasize about being someplace else with somebody else. Live in the moment and have fun with the company you have.

5. Timing: 

Timing is one of the most important aspects of any great sexual adventure. It is one thing that alone can build up or ruin all mood for indulging in sex. You will never want to initiate sex if your partner is in a bad mood or their mind is preoccupied with other things. You should only do it when you find that the time is right, you both are at your happiest moments and this way you will get most out of your experience.

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